Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dip stick

Sometimes i am such a "dip stick"........

Last evening Sir was going to His train club...... and i should have known to check my email... but i didn't.. of course i didn't !! that would have been the smart thing to do.... Instead i waited till after dinnner.. and then checked.. and Sir had sent me a task list.........

7:00 - 7:30 put clamps on nipples..
7:30 - 8:00 put clamps on pussy
8:00 - 8:45 3 orgasms
8:45 - bed routine (which means bath and bed)

and of course i had to text message Him after each segment.......

i sat looking at the list.. and looking at the clock - it was almost 7:30.......... my stomach went into a knot...... even though i was staying home today - and could conceivably have gone to bed a little later... i didn't have permission to go to bed later.... ughhhhhhhhhhh

Then inspiration hit!!!

i have two sets of clamps - clovers and trainers..... i would use both and do nipple and pussy training in 30 minutes and be on schedule !!!
i looked at the clovers and the trainers.. which to go where?? i finally opted to put the trainers on my nipples and the clovers on my pussy........ of course it has been months since i had any pussy or nipple training..... so it hurt like hell...... but somehow it seemed an appropriate consequence for not checking my email more regularly......

so on went the trainers on the nipples.. and clovers on my pussy....... see my ass levitate off the chair - i kept reminding myself i LOVE pussy torture.. right.. i love it.. i love it .. i love it.. oh fuck it hurts became my mantra......... (fortunately or unfortunately youngest daughter called 5 minutes after i got the clamps on..... and she kept me talking for most of the 30 minutes.. though i must admit i didn't have much to offer in the way of "stimulating" discussion.. i did - however - do a lot of listening)

clamps off.. orgasms coming things were looking a sight better....... reward for the suffering..

then bath and bed..... well truthfully i skipped the bath because i was told to have the bathroom as dry as possible for today because (drum roll please) my new shower and bath are being installed today........

At 3:00 am - like an alarm went off - i awoke fussing over how to turn the hot water off in the house........ i don't have individual valves........ so it necessitated turning all the water off.. and i figured that meant the hot water too........

At 6 am i was up and downstairs trying to figure out how to turn the hot water off.. there was a spigot on top of the tank.... but i couldn't turn it for love or money..... i strained so hard trying to turn it that i think i have pulled muscles in my chest......... (geeeez now my nipples hurt.. my pussy hurts and my chest muscles hurt !!)

When the guy came to start the installation..... i barely let him get in the house when i told my dilemma about the hot water... He was very patient with this dip stick woman..... and told me that once the main water was turned off the hot water should be off too.... but he patiently came downstairs to have a look........ and did he get an eye full !!!! He was standing at the juncture of rooms....... and instead of going into the furnace room.. or the train room.... he stood looking into the play room......... eyes bulging....... my face was so red !!!

Anyway......... we got past that embarassing moment.. discovered that yes the main valve did indeed shut off all the water.. and now he is hammering and banging and gutting the bathroom............ and i am left to feel like a right royal dip stick.......

Tonight - though - i will be bathing in my new white tub with grey marble walls...... YES !!!!


Buffalo said...

For a brief moment I got scared when you started talking about turning off the hot water heater.

Anonymous said...

lol.. you make me laugh so much when some things happen to you! i cant imagine how you felt when the guy saw your ( im realllyyy curious as to what was going through his mind!)
enjoy your beautiful new bathroom! it sounds like it will be lovely!

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