Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My mother had an expression........ "too pooped to pop" ..... the holidays - no matter how much fun - are exhausting.. too much entertaining.. too many meals to cook.. too many nights out.. too many late nights.

Though having said that.. there was one late night.. New Year's Eve... that was well worth staying up past the witching hour. Sir and i got to make a long distance phone call and chat with two blogger "buddies"......... and i have to say that i learned a soft sweet southern drawl does make my knees go weak......... (However - cheeky grin- i am not entirely sure even the soft southern drawl could ever convince me there is value in phone sex - BUT that is another entirely different story.. for another entirely different day!!)

i have to say this has been the best holiday season ever!!! Sir stayed here through most of it.. and though He has left me today (sniff sniff) and though i won't be played with for the next couple of nights (bigger sniff sniff) the entire 10 days was memorable!!! Lexan cane included !!!

i was reminded on New Year's Day .. by that soft southern drawl....... and by my Sir.. that The Fictional Journey was due........... (though Sir did grant me an extension because of the annual Kinky Open House we hold on the 1st!)

Sooooo despite the sleepy foggy brain........ i have managed to bang out (excuse the pun) another chapter in the Fictional Journey........ enjoy!!!

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Buffalo said...

I would think that by now you would be accustomed to "foggy brain." Isn't that a natural state for you?

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