Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Sir had to work last night........and He decided that i shouldn't be left to my own devices (i get bored so easily dontcha know!!)

So i had a task.. and it went a bit like this:


wooden clothes pegs
1 vibrator

At 7:45 sharp place as many clothes pegs as you can fit on your pussy lips
Leave them on for 30 minutes
After the 30 minutes use the vibrator for 15 minutes - you may cum AFTER the 15 minutes.

Now i was excited.... it has been awhile since Sir left me any tasks to do.. and i do enjoy a challenge.... (trust me this was going to be a challenge - have you ever tried to insert a vibrator between clothes pegs?? can i say OUCH!!)

At 7:30 i collected the clothes pegs.. vibrator.. and i thought a nice touch would be some pictures of this momentous occasion... so i grabbed the camera.. and laid everything out on the bed ready for 7:45.

At 7:45 i carefully started to apply the clothes many as i could fit on right? Who counts.. i just started clipping them on.. and muttering ouches every so often. Then i watched the clock.. sort of like the old saying about a watched pot never boiling... the minutes took forever to tick by...... so i decided .. to pass time.. i would snap some pictures...

Now you wanna talk about challenges...... try snapping pictures of your own pussy covered in clothes pegs!! The pictures were either blurred..or too close up.. or i got wonderful shots of the bedspread or such glare god only knows what i shot!

Before i knew it time was up and i could start using the vibrator.. Problem..... it wouldn't fit in between the clothes pegs.. no matter how i twisted and turned it .. no matter how i pulled the pegs in opposite directions it just wouldn't slide in like it usually does. So i did the best i could and turned the vibrator on low. Like magic the vibrator started to slowly slip into me... and it hurt soooo good !!!

Now i did try to snap a picture of the success...... but unfortunately it is impossible - at least for me - to take pictures one handed... and that one hand was shaking....... so no pictures....(ok ok why i thought i could snap a picture of pegs and vibrator one handed is anyone's guess !!)

After 15 minutes (ok ok maybe it was 12 minutes) i could feel the orgasm coming and like a tidal wave there was no stopping it...... and my juices spurted out of me like a fountain... (it was nice to know some things still work!!)

And that .. dear readers.. was 'teacher's homework' for Tuesday night.

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Buffalo said...

I don't want to hear how difficult it was for you. Take the pictures!

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