Sunday, May 20, 2007

something wicked this way comes..

The other day i used a term "evil" lightly... and i realized that for some it has a completely different connotation. EVIL is a term drakor and i bat back and forth in describing what we look for in a Dominant.

Evil not as in satanistic stuff.. as in decapitated bodies... or blood guts and gore..
Evil for us is more about Dominants who have an imagination.. who can take our fantasies and expound on them... taking them (and ultimately us) beyond the limits we believed we had..

Evil was last night... after a day of being "garden slave" digging and turning winter hardened soil, planting plants, transplanting others, coming in hot and sweaty and tired .. muscles screaming.. and Sir insisting on a session with only the tawse... and all my fluttering of eyelashes.. pleading and begging for.. at the very least a warm up.. before the slap slap of the leather... went unheeded.. Evil was getting me totally accustomed to the rhythm of the tawse slapping cross wise across my ass then hitting the sweet spot.. then hitting the backs of my thighs.. Evil was moving to stand so the straps of the tawse would hit lengthwise down my ass, sneaking into the cracks hitting my asshole and pussy.. leaving me gasping and crying and pleading ........ and ignoring those pleas and tears... Evil was asking me why i was kneeling up rather than remaining bent over the ottoman.... where the ass is more accessible to the leather straps.

That is what evil is for drakor and i ..........

And .. i discovered writing this blog entry that there are at least 2 sites with quizzes that let you check how evil YOU are..........

how evil are you test 1

how evil are you test 2

And my result from test 1............... (yikes!! i am starting to doubt the "evilness" in the story i am working on for the Fictional blog !!)

You Are 34% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.


Buffalo said...

I scored a 76%.

Anonymous said...

i topped out at 60%

lone wolf

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