Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Have you ever thought about 'freedom'?? Usually i illustrate my blog entries - but there is no one picture that truly illustrates 'freedom'..... so use your imagination today.

The lifestyle i live (and share with many others) is not a lifestyle of 'freedom'. What we do... we do behind closed and locked doors. It is against the law. On the net i have found 'friends' who live the same lifestyle - and when i first started this blog those were the only links i had here on The Journey. Oh i read other blogs.. vanilla ones. i even commented occasionally .. but i kept my lifestyle as private as possible - not wanting to shock anyone or bring down the wrath of the right .. or is it left wing factions?? (maybe both) As time went on and no one seemed to object to me or my lifestyle (heck sometimes the vanilla folk even comment on here!!) i added to my links .. a vanilla section. They are good reads - trust me! i read my vanilla links as faithfully (maybe some days more faithfully) as i read my kinky 'friends'.

There is one blogger - The Michael - who had this inspiration to start a community blog... a community of 'friends' . He was very politically correct and invited suggestions from all who visit...for a name for this new community. He invited all interested parties to join this community. But what made me feel....... i don't quite know how to put it .... accepted?? validated?? acknowledged?? was that He invited me to join His little community of vanilla folk.... me - a dyed in the wool masochist. i accepted.

i have no idea what i will write for this new blog........ what i have to offer that won't send the vanilla masses screaming for cover....... add to that fact that i am very non-political and a pacifist and god only knows what i will write.

But today is the inauguration of this new blog entitled Freedom’s Place ...... i have added it to my vanilla link section........ if you have a free minute one day drop by and have a read.. considering the folk who have agreed to make up the population of this community i am sure there will be some good reading!!!

day 2 - 20 minutes of non pretzel yoga


Buffalo said...

Isn't it incredibly interesting that the totality of a person is oft judged by one aspect of their life? It matters not how many sterling, admirable qualities a person has, they are judged, and condemned, for the one thing that departs from society's pretended norm.

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

this member of the vanilla masses will not scream for cover. you should write whatever you want littleone be it a post or a comment.

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