Monday, January 08, 2007

Day 1

i do not DO New Year's resolutions... i used to.. but who needs more stress in their lives.. by day 3 or 4 i had usually broken 90% of my resolutions and felt like i was 100% a failure.. It never occurred to me that i could start all over again on day 5 or 6 or 10 or 32 .. never occurred to me..... so i gave up doing New Year's resolutions (there are enough things in this life to make one feel like a failure - i honestly didn't need to add more reasons)

i saw the doctor last week......... she explained why i had been feeling "poorly" for the last month.. no i wasn't dying... my meds just needed to be tweaked ......... again. My meds have been tweaked so many times in the last 3 years i am beginning to wonder if they will ever get it figured out...... but each time she tweaks my meds i believe .. i hope.. this is THE time it will work. This is day 5 of my tweaked meds... i think i am feeling better. i am almost afraid to say i am feeling better cause it might jinx it.. but i do have a little more energy..everyone say "Hallelujah!"

On the weekend in Vermont.. Sir took me to Barnes and Nobles - my all time favourite bookstore.. mind you most bookstores are my favourite .. i love books. While we were there i found a book on health.. and in it there was a section on yoga. i used to do yoga.. it was....once upon a time.. one of my New Year's resolutions. So you know what happened to my yoga. This book had easier than easy yoga exercises.. yoga done on a stool. Yoga that didn't require tying yourself into impossible pretzel shapes that left one's joints aching for days. This held possiblities...

Today i was thinking about my treadmill.. and these yoga exercises.. and my new portable DVD player... and i had a revelation. Not a major one.. just one of those teeny tiny sparks of light. i thought to myself.. i could maybe possibly go home and put a DVD in the DVD player and climb aboard my treadmill and go for a little walk. OR maybe even pull out the yoga exercises and the stool and try them. i didn't promise myself anything... i didn't threaten myself.. i just thought about it.

When i got home i took down the outdoor lights and decorations and packed them away. i came upstairs and sat down here on blogger and thought about doing an entry. Then i thought about my treadmill and my Robin Williams DVD ( i LOVE Robin Williams!!) Then i got up and went and found Robin Williams and asked him if he would like to come and entertain me while i went for a little walk on day 1.

Twenty minutes of laughter and sweating. i turned off the machine and came back upstairs. Ok i thought to myself.. day 1... maybe tomorrow i will pull out the stool and try those yoga exercises for day 2... maybe........who knows.. but it is NOT a New Year's resolution or anything like that.. i don't DO New Year's resolutions.


Buffalo said...

Maybe you should make resolutions or, even better, have someone make them for you. Yeah. I like that idea.

Sir said...

With that much energy now maybe you could set up the morning coffee before you run out the door...

mian said...

Good for you sweets! Just take it one day at a time.... no projecting.

Have a great week!!!!!

mel said...

I'm of a simular mind on resolutions. Been there, did that, they don't work, and the failure factor .... ugh!
Yoga on a stool? That's my speed! lol (What's the book?)
Seriously, I look at it as anything I do (like the treadmill with Robin) is simply moving more than I would have normally done. And that's just a "good thing"! I don't count days or times. I look at it as my overall effort to move more, get my heart rate up, more times than normal. So each and every time that I do *something* is absolutely *extra* and a win. I don't look at the in-between time as failure.
Half full vs half empty, huh?
Just a thought

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