Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"You gotta try this"

(please note - I do not frequently do sexually explicit posts but this one is leaning that way so be warned!)

Poor Hands -- I am not sure he was fully aware of how naive?? uneducated?? -- not sure what to call it -- on sex and sexuality I was.

He has pushed a little bit -- and not to be a silly goose - I have taken his guidance and run with it a bit.  I don't 'do' sex stores.  DO NOT go in them unless I have someone with me to do all the talking.  Except he lives there and I live here -- so I have ventured out on my own to shop.

Last Friday I went off to our local shop to pick something up -- and as this time the store was empty !  and the salesgirl was the same one I had the last time ( I am building a relationship at the sex store -- grinning) I asked about my hitachi and why it isn't 'doing the job' as well anymore.

So I had an impromptu sex ed class right there and then.  Another sales girl came over to join in the conversation with her suggestions.  She put this pretty jar down in front of me and said "try this -- I am sure you'll love it -- I use it all the time"  

I thought it was a lube -- even doctors have mistaken my age for need of a lubricant.  So I explained I didn't need lube.  She smiled a rather cheeky smile and said "trust me this is so much more than a lube.  It gets a little warm and encourages blood flow to the area"

I thought it sounded like fun -- read the ingredients quickly looking more for stuff I am allergic to rather than what was in it, bought a small one and came home.

Later when I was talking to Hands he had me get the jar and tell him what was in it..... reading the list the first ingredient was "ginger root" He then said something about not being surprised and reminded me of "figging" (a joyful experience I am avoiding as a long as I can)

Hands "suggested" that I go and try it out.

and I did.

and I nearly died.

BUT what a way to go!!!

Again yesterday Hands suggested I use the gel for him.  I was in the middle of doing laundry (which involves walking down a rather long hallway -- remember that -- it'll all make sense I promise!)

So being a good submissive -- and having learned my lesson last week about asking for some slack.... I went to the bedroom and got the hitachi and the gel and had a little "play session".  

I wondered if the gel would evoke the same reaction as it did on the weekend.  After all -- that was the first time and I had no idea what to expect.  This time I knew pretty much what was gonna happen ..... so maybe not as good.  

WELL -- as good??? can I say even better -- if that is even possible?? Ladies I can truthfully and honestly say the orgasms are totally mind blowing amazing!  (and notice I said orgasmS).  It got to the point that I wobbled to the bathroom and got a warm wet washcloth and washed the devil gel off my private parts.  Done I might add while holding onto the edge of the sink cause they don't stop! 

Finally I made my way to the sofa where I collapsed and waited for my blood to stop pounding and my mind to focus.

THEN I remembered my laundry.  (see I told you we would get back to my laundry) They are pretty strict around here about not leaving it in the machines.  So I grabbed the laundry basket and started the walk down the long hallway................. and guess what happened??!!  the gel that I couldn't reach to wash away started to activate again!!  I have never been so glad that the hallway and laundry room were empty!

Now if you haven't figured out it by now.... I highly recommend buying some.  Start slow with a dab or two and adjust accordingly (cheeky grin)           

Monday, October 24, 2016


That was my Sunday......... hiding under my blanket and not wanting to come out.......

because I felt like I had made a total mess of things.

It probably didn't help that I did not sleep at all on Saturday night and that I tried to explain my muddled thoughts by email ........ (kinda like writing an email when drunk)....... or that I couldn't just shut up (the not shutting up was probably the worst)

In the end Hands and CG got to do what they needed to do......which is a very good thing!

But I failed miserably in saying that I really appreciated the effort that Hands made to try and please me - make me happy.  I am lucky that there is always next time and there are such things as imaginary 'reset' buttons.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Learning Curve

Remember the red nail polish I bought this week in hopes of going to a play party this weekend?? Well yesterday unfortunately those plans got cancelled.  

And I was disappointed.

When Hands was talking to me yesterday about the weekend and other things He gave me two tasks to complete by the end of the day.

But my disappointment was stronger than my desire to do my tasks. So I thought I would just ask him to cut me some slack.

Funny thing happened when that topic came up...... I was told to complete my tasks by the end of the day... pointe finale. No other Dom/Top has ever stood their ground with me before.  I have always counted on getting my own way -- batting my baby blues and getting my own way.  

But not with Hands.

For the first time in my submissive life I discovered the meaning of doing something you definitely do not want to do -- have no desire to do.

The tasks got done by the end of the day.  And I felt content and happy and funny enough I felt grounded and cared for........because Hands didn't cut me any slack. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Daddy's Little Girl

It's that time of year when memories seem to haunt my waking hours.  

I was "daddy's little girl". 

On my father's chest of drawers in my parent's bedroom was a picture of me taken at my grandparent's cottage.  When my father died my mother wanted me take something of his as a tangible memory.  The only thing I wanted was that has sat on my chest of drawers since his death. 

There was a reason I wanted that picture to remember my father -- it was to me a symbol of what our relationship was.........

You see -- I had been playing on the beach with my cousins when my grandfather rounded everyone up to go down the road to the ice cream shop.  My father wouldn't let me go in my swimsuit -- he insisted my mother change me out of my swimsuit.  AND then, as my grandfather and my cousins disappeared down the road, my father insisted on taking a photograph of his "little girl".  I didn't want to stand still and 'smile'.  I wanted to go for ice cream.  I cried.  BUT my father always got what he wanted -- so he got his picture of me with a tear stained face.

That picture symbolizes my relationship with my father in so many ways.  It wasn't the healthiest of relationships not by any standard....... but I have been remembering the good things about our relationship.  He was my rock... he kept me grounded... he was always there for me........ always no matter what.

They say that the relationship a daughter has with her father is the bench mark for her in finding a "forever man".  (well that's what they say-- shrug)  I never found anyone like my father -- never found my rock -- never found anyone who would always be there for me.

My father died a few days after my birthday over 30 years ago.  And my birthday is fast approaching.... maybe that's why my father is in my thoughts and tugging at my heart.