Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have found the most wonderful fetish photography site. 

Now I do not usually wax poetic about any blog/website - I do post the most interesting ones on the left side - the ones I read.... BUT this site - this new one I found just this morning - is totally amazing.

It appeals to the photographer in me - the sub in me - the voyeur in me.

With permission from Old Master (owner of the site) I am leading the way - follow me to HERE..... for the most amazing photographic treats ever! 

I can only dream of being half as good as Him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


“Only in stillness does the imperceptible become discernible” 

This week's photo challenge was "still life".  I have really struggled to create my best still photograph.  The group I am involved with is made up of much more advanced photographers than I am (from Professors of Photo Journalism - to professional photographers - I am SO far removed from them it is almost embarrassing - but I struggle on)

After many hours of researching the technical side of still life photography - to scrolling through hundreds of examples of still life........... I wasn't much farther ahead....... 

This morning I took the bull by the horns.........

I dumped a load of river rocks on the table - found my jade bonsai tree and shot one picture after another.............. 

Here's the one I finally settled on........

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We are going to Montreal this weekend....for yet another grandson's birthday party.

Only this time we aren't gonna do the return trip all in one day.  Nope not doing it.  This time W and I are driving up a day early - and staying over in a hotel!!

W has a flight club he can go to (flight club = remote control helicopters) and I can chill out in the hotel - watch TV, play on my computer, and amuse myself.  Then the next day we can maybe visit some friends - or poke around in some Montreal shops - or whatever before the birthday party.  And then drive home

I am so excited - it's like a mini holiday!!


oh and I am curious - anyone following the adventures of my Elf on the shelf??? He's in the top right hand corner....... and I post the pic of where he is every day....... 

Christmas is coming and I am SO excited over that too!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Road Trip

On Saturday we took off for a road trip to Whitby - for their annual train show.  I brought my camera along (for laughs and giggles).  I decided to challenge myself by taking pictures from a car doing 100K+ ...(I do love a challenge!!)

As with any road trip our first stop was at an On Route to pick up coffee (well for W not for me)............

the following pic is an arty farty shot of their arbor

and the following shots were actually taken from the moving car......... 

We stopped for lunch at this hamburger joint friends took us to a while back...... interesting 50's style diner............

 this was a poster that was in our booth - Xrated dontcha think?
(or should I just get my mind out of the gutter??)

this was a mural in the ladies washroom

AND yes I did actually take a couple of shots at the train show - where W had great  fun poking around the vendor's stalls - finding treasures for his layout..... 

then we met some friends for dinner - and finally arrived home around 10pm.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014