Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fantasies aren't Fairy Tales

At this point in my life I really just want to live a quiet life -- no drama -- little or no stress -- I want to kneel at Sir Steve's feet and be his ...... pleasing to him .... his good lil "keebler elf" as he affectionately calls me.

BUT as I was sitting outside this morning thinking about the weekend ahead -- the week behind me -- I realize the life I dream of probably doesn't exist....

Tomorrow morning Sir Steve and I head off to a hospital in Ottawa where he has to undergo tests on his arms and shoulders -- trying to find the cause of the pain in his arms and the pins and needles in his hands.  (Not a good symptom when you own your own renovating company and use your hands and arms daily)

After the tests we head west to meet up with some BDSM friends and go to a munch -- sleep over with said friends and then head off Saturday morning to go and visit my brother and family.  We also are going to a football game - Toronto against Montreal (Toronto will win hands down)

Then long drive home on Sunday to pick up the lil one and start the new week.

The weeks all pretty much look the same -- very vanilla -- very 'happy' family.  There is rarely a chance during the week for me to 'kneel at Sir Steve's feet'....... or time for some 'loving'.

I honestly think this life I want is nothing but a fantasy -- and that kinda makes me sad. 

I don't mean to sound dissatisfied cause I'm not -- because I love this man with my whole being......... and I would go through anything to have even a few minutes of kneeling at his feet.... feeling his hands on my body... hear him whisper "I love you" in the darkness of the night.

Just sometimes I would wish fantasies could come true -- like fairy tales have.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Sir Steve's cock is broken -- well not broken more out of commission

If I didn't hear the story first hand -- and see the damage -- honestly I don't think I would have believed it........ 


here's what happened...... 

Sir Steve has been working in an empty house renovating it to get it ready for rental.  Monday Sir Steve answered a 'call of nature'.  He said he noticed the water in the toilet was blue......... and when he had finished he noticed some of the blue water must have splashed up on his cock.  He didn't think anything of it.  BUT yesterday he told me he thought he had a chemical burn on his cock.

At the time of telling me this story he just happened to be naked.  I took a look.  And sure enough there was this red spot on his cock.  I asked him if it hurt.  He said he hadn't poked it ( I pointed out he loved poking at my ouchies -- but that's a completely different thing apparently)

So being me -- I leaned down and ran my tongue over the red spot and asked (quite angelically) if it hurt.  He seemed a little preoccupied so I decided a further test was needed and took his cock in my mouth.  At first there was this low growly moan he does .......... and then he 
yelped !!!  

So............ his cock is definitely out of commission for the time being...... I wonder if he could get workman's comp........... maybe??!!! (cheeky grin)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In the Early Morning .........

I love to sit outside early in the morning when the city is just waking up....

This morning the fog was thick when I first went out -- but as the sun rose it started to break through and cast sun droplets on the houses

The young couple across the street were up early -- the joy of having a brand new baby .... the young mom came to sit outside on the stairs - door left open to listen for the baby -- and have an early morning cigarette......

Slowly the noises increased -- cars starting -- the occasional dog barking -- the squirrels running along the wires chattering..

Soon children's voices joined the chorus of early morning noises -- children heading out to the bus stops... one lil guy loves to come up our stairs to say 'good morning' to me.... 

I watched, sipping my coffee, as Sir Steve and the little one walked to the corner to wait for her bus... the fog slipping around them ... almost hiding them... then they would reappear -- the lil one bouncing along beside her daddy... 

The bus came -- the lil ones disappeared -- the mommies and daddies separated and went their different ways... the crows started cawing.. the dogs started barking -- the fog was gone and the sun was shining.......... 

Just another morning in the little town I call home.......


Monday, September 18, 2017

Wonderful Memories

We had an amazing weekend!

Mother Nature gave us a summer hot weekend -- and the calendar gave us an almost empty campground.  

My eldest daughter and her partner took possession of their trailer on Friday which is across the road from us.  We had a great visit all weekend and the dogs made friends with Sir Steve's dog and played nicely.

The nights though -- they were the best.  The Sadist came to camp this weekend and I have the bruises to prove it.  Each morning my body would ache and I glowed.  I would stroke the bruises lovingly.

I wanted / had asked Sir Steve if we might light a 'wish' lantern and send it off into the universe on our last weekend.  He bought two -- one red and one blue.
On Saturday night -- just before we went into our trailer -- we lit our lanterns and sent them heaven ward with a "happy ever after wish"......

Life is good when you are making memories with the love of your life........ 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Last Weekend

We are heading off to the campgrounds to close up the trailer this weekend.  The camping gods are smiling on us........ 

First off - the lil one will be with her mother in the city .... 

Second - my eldest daughter will be taking possession of the trailer.. she and her partner purchased.....this weekend (right across the road from us) 

AND best of all -- it will be sunny all weekend long with daytime temps around 30 or 85 degrees.  It can't get much better than that!!  We'll have barbeque dinners and campfires and two glorious days of sunshine. 

Sunday the trailer will be closed up and locked for the winter...... and the long days of winter will loom ahead of us.

BUT for this weekend Sir Steve and I will have a last adult weekend at the campsite 
AND that is a very good thing