Thursday, April 24, 2014

A day later...........

I get my haircut about every 4 - 5 weeks.  Normally it is shorter in the back and longer in the front - falling to about my chin.  It is in my opinion a style that suits me.

However - come the warmer weather I HATE hair on my neck.  In the summer I do NOT "glisten" .. I don't even "perspire".  I sweat - gallons!!!  and my hair always looks as though I just walked through a rain storm.  So in the summer I maintain the same style only much much shorter - no hair on my neck at all.

Ok - you following my train of thought here??   Well last week there was one warm spring day which immediately sent my mind rushing to heat waves and wet ugly hair.  And then I was thinking I am gonna have surgery - and I need my hair in a style that is easy to manage.... not a whole lot of fussing with hair dryers and curling irons

Then last week I was watching TV and saw someone with fine limp hair just like mine and she had this cute pixie cut (of course she was a tiny pixie sort of person, something I will never achieve and something I seldom notice until AFTER I copy the hair cut - or the clothing style - or the what evers) 

I booked an appointment with my hairdresser.  She picked up the scissors after my hair wash and was all set to start cutting when she said in passing "same style??" and I remembered - heat - pixie cuts - surgery...and said "noooooooooo I am sorta thinking shorter " mentioned the pixie cut - mentioned same style but shorter - mentioned heat and sweat.

She nodded and started cutting and I am watching - well watching as much as I can without my glasses (I am virtually blind without them) and opened my mouth and said "no I think you should go shorter".  The customer is always right - so she went back and cut the bit she had done shorter.

I realized I might be in trouble when she used the electric razor - NOT to trim the edges - BUT to actually cut the back of my head!!  She blew it dry - used the curling iron and her "hairdresser" magic, handed me the mirror and I swallowed hard.  She had cut my hair somewhere between my usual short summer cut and a pixie cut!!  

All I could think was 'W is gonna kill me!!'  

Bravely I came home........... before I even took my coat off I called down to the family room and said "it's really short".  W grunted.  I finally went down and showed him.  He didn't say much  - though later on he did demonstrate that he could still grab a handful if necessary!

I thought what fun to take a picture of this haircut  --  a SELFIE -- just like everyone is doing and post it to Facebook!!  (le sigh) me taking a SELFIE!!  I HATE having my picture taken for heaven's sakes

* First I had to figure out how to turn the cell phone camera around (automatically) so I could actually take a selfie............... 
* Then I had to get over the shock of focusing on my own face
* Then I had to get over the shock of all the close up wrinkles
* Then I had to figure out how to hold the camera at the right distance, focus and find the damn button to actually take the shot...
(it was at this point that W  - who had been watching the whole rigamarole with exasperation asked if he should just take the damn pic!! to which I of course said "NO -- I am taking a SELFIE")
* Finally I snapped the shot - can I say UGLY!!!
*  Snapped a second shot ....... and a third and a fourth!!
*  Finally settled on the 5th shot and posted to Facebook
TA DA!  I had taken my first SELFIE - how cool was that??!!

I will ignore the snarky comments from friends and family about MY taking a SELFIE -  I will also probably never do it again......... but I will share with you the one and only selfie ............. for prosperity

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Award Season

Back in the day - when I had a list of blogs I read as long as your arm - there were contests/memes/awards that would go around regularly.  I was thinking just the other day when I stumbled across a blog that had done a "meme" that I hadn't seen that in years!!

Then today I got a notification that I had been nominated by AtivaLuv for the Liebster Award.............

and like all awards it comes with a strict set of rules to follow........... 

As much as I am touched that a lurker finds my blog inspiring enough to nominate it for this award......... I am not inspired enough to follow the rules..........which is not to say that all of you who read here and have blogs shouldn't be nominated for such an award - it just says I am too lazy to post 11 things about myself - answer 11 questions and then come up with 11 blogs to nominate and 11 questions for you to answer........ you can consider yourselves all nominated if you wish...............

Though this award has saved you from reading a blog I was going to write about taking "selfies" and my new hair cut.......... you can all thank Atiya now :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Monday??!!!

Yup it's Monday again........ boy time flies when you're having fun 

We had a good weekend - went to a munch on Saturday night - terrible food but good company and the company is more important than the food (or so we keep telling ourselves at munches)

Kingston shuts down completely over any and all holidays - including the bus service - which drives W nuts.  The city will hold all these free family events - but unless you drive you can't get to them.  (fortunately we drive - cheeky grin)

On Sunday we went downtown to an art gallery.  They were holding an exhibition of works by local photographers.  One of the exhibitors is a friend of ours.  W took an artsy fartsy photo of us ( I left my camera at home - wasn't sure I could take pics of pics in a gallery - I'll know for next time)

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy if you look close you can make out the photograph ( redish birds flying across a blue horizon,  You think *I* am arty farty this photographer has me beat hands down!!) You can sorta/kinda make out W and I in the reflection and the rest of the gallery in the reflection.......... a lot to see crammed into one little pic :) :)

No Easter chocolate in this house - but I did make a special dinner last night for W and myself - barbequed steak (first barbeque of the season) with baked potatoes and  veggies.  Not exactly your traditional Easter dinner - but then we're not exactly very traditional folks (cheeky grin)

Hope you all had a good Easter - traditional or otherwise,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Sentiments

I warn you all now - today's piece is rather irreverent for Easter Sunday.............. 

Happy Easter Everyone !!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bright Idea

I had a bright idea this morning - well  - I think it is a bright idea!!! You probably won't be as impressed - and will probably not participate - BUT - me - the eternal optimist honestly believes that some of you will "play along".

I have always wondered about the folks who stop by here to read (and sometimes comment) It started off with wondering how come folks leave comments in the middle of the night (well middle of MY night).  Yeah that was obviously a "duh" moment - anyone from the other side of the ocean - OR for that matter - the other side of this continent - would comment then.  

Then I wondered a little about who you are - are you just curious about BDSM or do you participate at some level - are you ever shocked by what I post - do you work in an office - in a school - are you single - married - gay - hetero - my mind just wonders WHO you are behind the words.

So I decided I would ask - cause the worst that can happen is you all disappear and never return.  (cheeky grin)

I am not looking for personal information that will allow someone to find out WHO you are in the real world............. I am just asking for a little information to flesh out the picture I have of each of you. You don't have to give me your "real" name and address and telephone number - no no no - that's not what I mean.....you could leave the country you live in - or the state you hail from - you can give me any information you are comfortable sharing.............. 

I think  I will leave this post up (front and center) for a couple of days - give you all time to read and hopefully comment....................