Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Vibes ??

 I am back from the doctor's -  the uterine biopsy came back BENIGN!!!!   See me do the happy dance????


Today - at 10:30 to be exact - I will be sitting in the doctor's office - yet again - getting the results from the uterine biopsy.

I could sure use all the support I can get ............ I am not doing very well right now.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Saturday I was having a lazy day................ just couldn't seem to get in gear.  So I spent the morning curled up in my lil corner of the sofa not doing much of anything......... 

After lunch W asked what I had planned for the afternoon.  Initially I thought ' a nice lil nap seems like a good idea'  BUT instead I asked him what he was thinking of........

W said he was thinking of checking off another thing on his bucket list - a trip to Westport.  Westport is a small summer community about a 30 minute drive north  of Kingston.  We keep seeing an advert on television for a shop called Rosie Yumski's Fine Foods. I knew as much as W said Westport - he was really thinking Rosie's.  I grabbed my camera - cause ya never know what lil arty farty things you might see on an adventure.

It was a pretty drive up.  One tricky part though, was driving through a portion of the road that was flooded.  I keep thinking how you hear you should never drive through a flooded road as you don't know what will happen............ but W went slower than slow and we made it through.  (obviously or I wouldn't be on here posting this morning!)  And we made it safe and sound to Westport.

It is obviously a summer resort as a lot of the boutique type shops weren't open - like the ice cream shop.  I had thought I might like some of their homemade fudge - but that will have to go on my bucket list.

We wandered around town - and I took pictures ............... 

We had spotted Rosie's as we drove into town and parked just down from it.... but I spotted this view down a side street and asked W if we could wander down there first ....

It was their marina....

 water levels are unbelievable high in all areas - so I took a few shots to try and show the high water levels and the seriousness of it... 

 I absolutely LOVED the foot bridge and took so many shots of it - different angles - different lighting.... here's just a couple of them.........

then I took shots of some of the shops and buildings - but believe it or not - never did take one of Rosie Yumski's shop - the main reason for our trip - le sigh 

can you imagine motoring up in your boat for a fill up - and buying your fish and chips out of the "gas station"???  

Rustic Oven????  My lord the building is rustic enough - I can't imagine how "rustic" the oven must be.  AND that picture shows the entire restaurant!!  I didn't cut the left side off - that's it - one lil boxy building set back from the road.............

 that is NOT a church believe it or not.......... it is the post office!! 

 I have to assume this must be a summer cottage - built on top of the boat house right on the water....

we saw a number of folks making their way to this bakery so we followed along - expecting ?? I am not sure - but some sweet treat for sure.  It was a bit disappointing to us city slickers - though it might have more treats in tourist season.. 

I did love the brooms that were hanging in the stairwell - and thought them definitely worthy of a picture ..................

And then there were the crocuses peeking through - reminding everyone that spring is indeed here!! 

All in all a great Saturday afternoon adventure!!!!   

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shocking and Offensive

Now that I have your attention (cheeky grin)

I was over on Heart and Soul this morning............ and for some reason I read the "warnings" - you know what I mean - all of us who write "adult only" blogs tend to have some form of warning in the heading.  Ronnie has these words in her warning "but will never intentionally offend or shock"

Those words got me thinking........... have I ever shocked or offended?? And I suspect at one time or another I have shocked or offended someone........... that's just the nature of the beast right??? What is ok for one may not be ok for another.  

I remember having dinner with some "lifestyle" friends one evening eons ago and the discussion came round to our newest toys - newest kinks.  And W and I were sharing - quite animatedly - I must admit - our love of needle play.  Neither of us noticed the other sub going a bit pale until she stood up from the table and flew to the bathroom.  (and no it wasn't my cooking that had brought about her quick departure)  It turned out she has a massive aversion to needles  -  any type of needles - medical - play.......... 

W and I apologised when she came back and of course changed the topic.  She apologised for rushing from the table and "ruining" the happy discussion.  BUT we did not intentionally set out to shock or offend.

I believe this happens more than we know........ at play parties.. at munches... over coffee and dinner.  As the expression goes "shit happens".  I don't like to think that anyone sets out with the intention of shocking or offending (well most civilized people that is) which sort of/kind of brings us back to the post I wrote earlier this week "Cheeky".  

Have we become a society that feels the need to take responsibility for everyone's feelings???  Will we start watering down everything - censoring everything - for fear of offending or shocking someone??? IF it is an adult activity - or adult content - why must we have watch dogs to protect the easily offended??? Why can't we each make our own decisions about what we wish to view / listen to ???

I don't set out to offend or shock - BUT  - I don't do anything to prevent it either.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MY Journey

I was trying to come up with a post for The Journey this morning.......... and to be honest I have felt for a long time now that for the most part my writing has deviated away from BDSM and is more along the lines of some vanilla house wife's bitching about life.  There just isn't (hasn't been) a whole lot of BDSM going on in this house these days.

BUT then I thought - originally this blog was really just my way of documenting my life - all my life - which means more than BDSM.  Yeah my readership has dropped off - but the main purpose is still MY writing about MY life - whatever that may be on any given day.

Today I need to document my efforts to stop smoking.  "They" say the more people who know you are trying to stop the better it is.  Now I am not too sure I totally agree with that philosophy - since I really must do this for ME.    I have found in the last week (especially) that every time I go to have a cigarette I feel guilty - guilty because I know W is aware I am smoking and I feel like I am letting him down (yet again)  But that's when I have to remind myself I am NOT doing this for him - I am doing it for ME - for MY health.............. because unlike a lot of people - I do not function well working from guilt.  It tends to make me angry and take a "who are you to tell me what I should or shouldn't do" attitude.  Yup - it's much better if I do this for me 

 I found the above poster and read it / studied it carefully.  OH I have always known that there were all these nasty poisonous chemicals in my beloved cigarettes - but I always rationalized smoking by saying my grandfather smoked till the day he died (at 90 something) and he died from old age.  I had someone - once upon a time - point out that the cigarettes my grandfather smoked were probably pretty much pure tobacco - not full of the chemicals we find today.  BUT I didn't listen - I believed I had good 'genes' and could smoke without fear.

Of course I learned last week - that just isn't true.   And so I made my decision to end this lifetime bad habit......... NOW.  (ok ok - as soon as I can)

When I came to Kingston in July I was smoking an unbelievable pack and half a day.  In September with the urging of my new doctor I made a conscious decision to stop.  Last Thursday when I got the diagnosis of bladder cancer I was smoking 7 cigarettes a day.  AND I was quite pleased with my progress - hell I was so pleased that I had stayed at 7 per day for about 2 months!!! (le sigh)

Now I am back on the wagon - working hard to drop the last 7 without any nicotine patches or fixes.  As of yesterday I was down to 4 1/2  a day.

Then I saw / studied this new poster................

And I was shocked.  I guess I figured once I had stopped, within a month or so my body would be clear of all the toxins.  But if you look closely it takes 5 years - 5 YEARS!!! - to lower the risk of bladder of cancer......... and I couldn't help but think do I  have 5 years???

It made me a little discouraged - but I sucked it up and am fighting on..........