Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

UGH -- yesterday I took the lil one down to her crafts group in the sunshine (walking not driving)... the weather man had issued a severe storm warning -- but the sun was out -- what does the weather man know?!

Well 20 minutes after we got there the storm moved in -- and people more in the know than me said that there was a tornado warning out  UGH!!!  I was so scared!  and the worst bit was I had left all the windows and vents open in the trailer.  After a couple of frantic text messages to Sir Steve -- and causing him stress -- the sun came back out and the lil one and I managed to walk back to the trailer -- just a bit damp.... and glory be the trailer was dry as a bone.

I came across some pics I haven't shared here and thought I would do it today .....

For Sir Steve's birthday the lil one and I collected some stones and a hunk of wood and with some help from me she made 'daddy' his birthday present (2 owls sitting in a tree) 

And just because we're camping doesn't mean we eat hot dogs and hamburgers all the time (or Kraft dinner) Sir Steve found a recipe on line for chicken chimichangas so one night I cooked up a huge tray of them..... yum they were good!!

A couple of weeks ago we took the lil one on an adventure to Prehistoric Land to see the dinosaurs.  I had some fun taking some of my arty farty pics (something I haven't done enough of this summer) 

And I'm not sure if I shared with you the weekend Sir Steve took me to St Raphael's - to visit the ruins of a beautiful cathedral

And just for the record -- Sir Steve has delighted in poking or slapping my ass since Saturday just to watch me jump...... my poor lil bottom is still bruised --

Life is good when it hurts to sit 3 days later !!



Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I have had a dilemma for many years........ what is sexy??? W used to want me to wear short skirts with no under pants and no bra....... sexy?? not for me I felt like a slut... and try as I might to explain to him that when a woman reaches a certain age -- undergarments tend to help the dress fit properly.............. he insisted

W would have preferred to see me in something like this...........

So I have had this image in my head of what 'men' find sexy.

For Sir Steve's birthday I asked him what he would like me to wear -- he said 'something sexy' -- which honestly sent me into a tail spin!!  I wanted a new dress -- something sexy for him........ but what to buy what to buy??? 

On a whim I purchased a pretty burgundy dress - nothing special really in my mind -- but it had these fancy cut out shoulders that I have seen on other women and admired.  I wasn't sure if I would call them sexy -- but they appealed to me.......... I also purchased a pair of wedge heels -- that define 'strappy' with a zipper up the back of the heel.  I showed Sir Steve the shoes first and he said "Now those are sexy!!"  He didn't get to see the dress until the day of his birthday....... I put it on with my new strappy sandals (complete with painted toe nails) and came out of the trailer. (oh yeah --  I will add -- I had bra and panties on!) and Sir Steve's mouth dropped open.   This picture is very similar to the dress I wore..............

More than once during the party Sir Steve pulled me to him and whispered in my ear - 'you look so sexy!'

Sir Steve and I have discussed what defines 'sexy' for him... He was hestitant to tell me -- cause he believes whatever makes me feel sexy is sexy -- but I explained I needed some direction -- told him about my past ideas on what men found sexy -- and he agreed to guide me a little bit........... 

Life is good when you receive gentle direction with love...........

Monday, August 21, 2017

Adults Only

We really did have an "adults only" sort of weekend

We spent Saturday wandering through the museums of Cornwall -- and the street fair -- pigging out on Asian Tacos ( who knew such a thing existed?!) and the infamous Canadian Beaver Tails for dessert at lunch time and then Sir Steve took me out for the best Chinese for dinner.  I felt so spoiled - and exactly like we were on holidays.
Saturday night we watched some old movies and then Sir Steve took me into the bedroom - and all his favourite toys were lined up on the bed.  I had whispered in his ear "please leave marks" (sometimes I need my head examined - telling a Sadist to leave marks!!)  It was over an hour of paddles and quirts and crops...... I remember thinking at one point I couldn't take anymore -- but I did -- and my ass was burning hot and marked - well marked.  

In the middle of the play time I was dreaming about him fucking me -- but didn't want the beating to stop.  And when the play time was over I was too spacey to want or need a 'fucking'.  I whispered it wasn't fair -- why couldn't I have both?? And Sir Steve just gave me that smile of his and told me to sleep -- we still had Sunday.

And here it is Monday morning .........  and every dream / wish/ fantasy I had for our "adult only" weekend came true ........... and that dear friends is a VERY good thing!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Sentiments

Two for the price of one this morning -- cause I couldn't decide.............. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Back in the City

We're back in the city for the weekend.  IF anyone is interested the picture today is an aerial shot of our little town.

I arrived back late morning yesterday - with the laundry to do and a shopping list.  Sir Steve got home late from work.  

Last night was another little 'appetizer' of the upcoming fun..... some nipple torture and pussy spanking.... and I could yelp and wiggle and make all the noise I wanted to (grinning)  Sir Steve teased me by making reference to my smart assed comment about the "masochist" coming for the weekend -- and in his mind she seemed a pretty wimpy masochist.  (smart ass!)

This morning Sir Steve is sleeping (gonna let him sleep till he wakes up -- it's been a long couple of weeks for him.)  BUT then we have some adventures of our own to do.... This is 'open door' weekend across Ontario (or so I have been told) and all the museums and tourist traps are free today and tomorrow.  I really want to see the old jail -- and maybe a couple of other museums.  

Then there is a big food fair that spreads for 2 blocks in the center of the city........... and I am thinking it would be fun to have lunch in those 2 blocks -- try some interesting foods/restaurants ............... only thing is I have awoken to a cloudy rainy day (see me pout?) BUT the weather man says there should be a break in the misery for a few hours around mid day........ keeping my fingers crossed.

Life is very good when you get a weekend off from every day routines (and nosy prying busy bodies)