Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Naughty Girl List (contd)

On Friday I posted my thoughts on blow jobs here.....

What I didn't realize -- what I had never been shown -- ever been taught -- was -- there is more to blow jobs than just sucking cock.  (or there can be) 

Those not on the 'naughty list' might be asking "what else can there be?"  

Playing with his balls!  Sucking his balls!  Who knew?? Certainly not me!  I was brought up to believe that a male's balls are untouchable........ tender little snowflakes that react badly to touch.

Imagine my shock when Hands told me to suck his balls the first time!!  Turns out it is something that men enjoy.... I did NOT know that!!  It seemed wicked -- and definitely very naughty -- and a bit dangerous.  I was terrified I would do something that would hurt..... damage them .... send him screaming from the house.

Imagine my awkwardness the first time ...... 
here I am faced with two balls hanging in front of me ... He said "suck them" but as I looked at them -- I couldn't imagine fitting THAT completely in my mouth -- they wouldn't fit!!

That first time I did the best inexperienced job I could -- but trust me -- the next week I was googling everything I could find on the subject.  For the right man I want nothing more than to please.......... so I googled!

And when we are together -- I practice.

I didn't get discouraged...... after all - practice makes perfect right?!  I googled some more...... I even went looking for some gifs/porn to demonstrate......... 

I won't say I am perfect -- hell I am probably far from perfect...... but I must be doing something right -- cause Hands hasn't stopped my practice.

And now the nervousness about the whole thing has eased -- I am actually finding it 'hot' ....... and very 'naughty'!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Christmasy post

No updates today on my 'naughty girl list' ......

Sunday was a Christmas day -- I had plans to try and make something called Santa Sleighs that I had seen years ago in some magazine.

I vaguely remembered candy canes and kitkat bars and small chocolate bars -- ribbons and bows..........

I spent most of the morning wrapping small chocolate bars -- juggling them into a pile -- hot glue gunning them together then hot glue gunning ribbons and bows.  Sometimes I get these bright ideas for Christmas crafts and they turn out to look tacky and home made.  But to be honest -- I was quite impressed with the outcome..........

Now all the kids on my Christmas list will get one -- and even some of the "kids at heart".

Sunday afternoon Angel stopped by for coffee and I had picked up some Christmas shortbread (no I am not making any this year -- my baking list involves sandwich cookies and maple fudge.)  We had a really nice visit and caught up on all the news.  It was like old times !

And that was my Christmas Sunday -- 

I promise for those of you just dying to know more on the 'naughty girl list' I will continue that theme tomorrow......

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hung Over

Ok -- first this blog is late because........... Hands and CG came for dinner last night........ and because CG and I had planned a celebration with lots of wine and cheesecake ........ I bought the above HUGE bottle of wine -- and CG brought another one........... AND we did a damn good job at polishing them off.

AND I forgot today was NOT Sunday (I did have a Sunday Sentiments queued up and ready to post) 

Once I had managed to focus my eyes -- stop my head from spinning -- AND got one cup of coffee into me -- I thought I had better post something... 

As I was writing this I realized it is just more proof how I earned 73% naughty on that meme I took.  You see the "good girl" NEVER drank -- well maybe a glass of wine -- but my wine consumption was measured in glasses not sizes of bottles.

It's just another piece of the new me -- the naughty me 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Porn anyone?

When Hands and I first started chatting/negotiating he asked me if I ever watched porn.   I gave my "good girl" pat answer.... 'Nooooo never!'

From that point on -- every so often Hands would send me pics or gifs of sex acts.  I cracked under the pressure and told him I had a confession to make -- yes I did on occasion watch porn -- and rather liked the gifs he sent me and where could I find them.  He happily obliged me with some urls.

And that began the back and forth teasing between us.

This was one of the first gifs I sent him -- tentatively and worried sick he would think differently of me.........

One of my favourite (naughty) things is giving blow jobs.  BUT I didn't know how hot it could be... until I gave Hands a blow job.

Before.... when I did it..... the guy didn't get hard ...... and when I would look at him he was watching television....... my efforts obviously having little effect on him.
Then later on when I tried with another guy -- it felt like he was doing me a favour. 

BUT with Hands -- he was very into it -- always watching me -- sometimes wrapping his hands in my hair and directing the speed and depth.  (and believe me when I say he went deep -- cheeky grin) Feeling him grow hard in my mouth started to wash away the negative feelings I had learned.

Hands' acceptance and encouragement began the new positive self talk -- the start of a new more sexually confident me.