Monday, July 09, 2018

Rocky Start

As per the agreement the lil one was with her mother last week -- the exchange day -- according to the agreement was ' after lunch on Friday.

At 11:55 on Friday the lil one showed up at our trailer.. I asked 'have you had lunch?' the response "no"  Mother was standing at the bottom of our deck.  I looked at her and said "I was told she would be fed lunch before the exchange" She argued but did take the lil one home to feed her.......... then the shit hit the fan........
Mother's sister came over demanding to know what the arrangement was - I said "it's none of your business and it's none of my business -- it's between mother and father"

Gold star for me -- I didn't get stressed or anxious....... I felt I handled it perfectly.... keeping myself neutral.

However the lil one did come crying to me about 'Daddy's email to mommy and how daddy broke the rules'..... I got her quietened down in less than 5 minutes and sent her off to play with her friend.

When Sir Steve got home he wrote an AMAZING email to the mother - sending her a copy of the original email that clearly stipulated after lunch on Friday....... he broke it down even more saying " after she has been fed lunch on Friday at 1:00pm"   AND he added that involving a 5 year old in any problems 'they' might have was unacceptable and would stop immediately -- AND -- that he would be sending a copy of the email to his lawyer (which probably means we won't hear from them again for the summer though they will walk around looking like bears with thorns in their paws for the summer )

(oh and for the record email contact only was stipulated by the court in March and the no sister involvement was also mandated by the court)

The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch and now Monday morning we are gearing up for a fun activity filled week together......... 

Summer time and the living is easy.............. which is a very good thing!

Friday, July 06, 2018


On a bright note -- cause I have to find one!!  I am at the weight I wanted to be for my daughter's wedding!!  AND I still have about a month YAY!!  who knows I may lose some extra weight by then.

On a health note -- I haven't even been off the antibiotics for a week and the tenderness in my left side is back........ UGH!!  and I have the lil one starting after lunch today and all next week........ I honestly don't know what I am gonna do.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


I have always had an uncanny ability to see through (most) people's lies.  I don't know how or why -- some folks claim it is a Scorpio trait -- me?? I shrug and accept it.

When I first came back into Sir Steve's life --  I was pretty quiet when his friends were around -- just getting a feel for them -- classifying them -- deciding if I could accept them as my friends (I don't make friends easily)

Most were delegated to the 'I can take 'em or leave 'em' category.  

BUT there were 2 people -- one a very close friend of his ex wife and the other the sister of his ex wife.  Sir Steve told me he trusted them -- they would NEVER repeat things we said to the family.


The first time I met the ex wife's friend I voiced my opinion to Sir Steve -- she loved gossip and she loved spreading gossip ........... to prove my point we told her something that wasn't true and waited for the blow back.  It came.... my point was proven.

The sister was another story..... always claiming to have our backs -- always so sympathetic... always bad mouthing her sister and mother.  She was good!  She even won me over........

Until one day in COURT - something I had told her in privacy came back to bite us on the ass.

How many ways can you block someone?? that's what I did.

What gets me this summer is how the sister still wanders over asking indirect questions about our life -- about the lil one -- about stuff in general.  AND she isn't getting any information!  It's amazing how little we see her this summer....... 

She just popped over to our trailer -- querying me about whether Sir Steve is working -- when he'll be home etc.  I gave her vague none of your business answers....... 

I don't do well with liars and gossips.............. one day my lid might just blow......... until then................


Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Strict Orders

I am under strict orders to have a quiet week.

We moved up to the campgrounds for the summer on Friday and now the lil one is one week with mother and one week with us -- this is mother's week so I can actually have a quiet week.............

The last week was more than rough........ the meds the doctor put me on really REALLY took a toll on my overall health. 

I had promised the lil one before we came up to the campgrounds for the summer... she and I would have a 'girls day out'.... somehow (god only knows how!)  I managed to pull it off -- shopping for new toys for up here -- and lunch out at a 'fancy restaurant' ( we went to the local Chinese buffet place - no white linen table clothes but she was very impressed - and kept telling everyone she got T W O  straws in her drink) 

Friday I somehow managed to pack all the clothes and food and supplies that had to be moved from the city to here and get both the lil one and myself moved up here by 2p.m.  (no small feat seeing as I had to keep sitting down either because of nausea or dizziness)

Saturday Sir Steve and I got back in the car and drove home to visit youngest daughter and family for a 'pool party Grad Celebration' for my two eldest grandsons.  We only stayed about 2 hours cause 1) I wasn't allowed in the sun - and 2) the heat had risen to 45 degrees Celsius (which is approx. 113 F) 

Sunday I honestly thought I was gonna die.  By Monday I was sure of it.  Monday I took the last of my meds and then went onto some pretty strong probiotics to finish up the job of the antibiotics.

Today Sir Steve is back at work -- the temperatures FEEL cooler (at least right now) and for the first time in about 6 weeks I think -- T H I N K -- I am starting to feel like my old self.



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