Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bond Builds

Hands and his wife came for dinner on Saturday.  And it was a calmer dinner (small smile)  I didn't greet them at the door in a panic because dinner wasn't cooking -- no this time everything was ready and I was calm.

It may just be me -- but it felt like his wife and I worked together to serve him -- to see to his needs and that pleased me so much -- it felt like she and I meshed ya know??  I even asked her for help in the kitchen -- which is pretty rare for me -- again it just felt right to have her by my side - giggling - and preparing - serving him together.

But the most emotional part of the evening for me -- the most symbolic part of the evening - was when she and I were sitting on either side of him at his feet.  We both had our hand resting on his thighs -- and her hand moved inches towards mine and took it -- and we sat -- the 3 of us -- chatting while she held my hand.  

IF I close my eyes and picture that moment --
our hands joined, resting on his lap -- a circle of love (I like to think in my mushy emotional way)

And when I glanced up at Hands - his eyes were heavy lidded watching us -- and he had this small smile on his face.

I know though -- we still have a way to go to forming a tight trusting dynamic.... and I KNOW only time will build that dynamic - but I have a message to his wife... 
'I know what was -- I know the horror, the pain --  and I will NEVER (god forbid) do anything to hurt you...... I only want to add positive good things ("do no harm")  to this dynamic --

AND I know it will take time -- I have all the time in the world




Day 5 of the Photo Challenge


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Sentiments


Day 5 of the Nature Photo Challenge 
HEY!  I don't get a day off neither do you (cheeky grin)


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nothing New

There really isn't much on my mind today ........ some days are just like that ya know? 

I am going to cut myself some slack and just post my day 3 picture for the photo challenge I am doing...........  

I am not a big fan of "nature" pics -- especially of flowers -- so to amuse myself I did some editing of the above picture and came up with this.........

Last night to alleviate my problem finding "nature" pics for the next 4 days I went to
  a local conservation area and went for a long walk with my camera -- I think I am good for 4 more nature pics........... I hope

Friday, August 26, 2016


Know what is hot for me -- turns me on???
Kneeling -- picturing myself kneeling at Hands feet.  Yeah I know probably doesn't do much for you -- but me?? god it turns me to jelly.

There was a discussion yesterday on FL that I got mentioned in (which is why I read it -- I honestly have given up reading anything on Fet these days -- but that's another post)

Someone said that you can't be a masochist AND a submissive ..... WTF???!!!  
I can't even wrap my head around someone who believes such nonsense!  I know what I am and no one can change it with some uneducated opinion!  I can amp down my masochism but I cannot amp down the submissive side of me.........which is why images of me kneeling at Hands feet turn me on more than the thought of a beating.  AND yet if I am being beaten I can take as much as he wants to give me............ and absolutely love it.

Mind you (cheeky grin) Hands did mention something the other day about barbed wire wrapped around my dildo -- now THAT I think might just push my masochist limits!!


IF I have to do a 7 day Nature photo challenge -- you folks have to see my daily submissions -- only seems fair ya know???

I present today's picture..............

I'm rather proud of my feather floating in the lake .............

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Yesterday I went to visit his wife and we went out for lunch.  It was a much needed (well for me) visit.  I really do enjoy her and we have more in common than seems possible for two people not actually related.   

I have had a secret I was keeping from both of them -- but I am no good at keeping secrets.  I asked her if there was any chance we could try to do our dinner this weekend (to replace the dinner that got cancelled cause of migraine headaches).  And just kinda blurted out why it was important to me -- the secret.  I kicked myself all the way home cause I really did want to keep it a secret from her too -- but I am worse than a kid when it comes to secrets.  She said she would talk to Hands -- and maybe if he had nothing planned he would agree they could come for dinner this Saturday -- I have my fingers crossed -- hell I have everything that can be crossed - crossed!!

Then when I got home I got a message on Facebook that a teaching friend had challenged me to take a Nature picture a day for 7 days.  I can't say no to a challenge so I went out for a walk last evening and took a slew of pictures.  The one I picked for the challenge was this one of some tall grass by the lake

and here are a couple more I took that I rather liked........ I am enjoying taking the sky as the sun sets - just really love the colours.