Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a quickie

We're doing a quick run to Montreal to drop off the gifts for the kids........ long day ahead... 6 hours on the road for a 2 hour visit......... but it's just the way it has to be.

But before we go ... my Monday Morning Report.

We had such a busy weekend.

Saturday we hopped in the car and headed up to Ottawa to drop off gifts with eldest daughter and take her out for lunch........then run back to Kingston to pick up one friend - then to Napanee to pick up another friend - and then on to Trenton for their Christmas munch - followed by a dessert party at another friend's house.  Then retrace our steps and fall into bed around 2am.

Sunday - god how we both would have loved to veg .... but we had free tickets to go to the Home Town Hockey tour.  I don't particularly like hockey - yeah who would believe it growing up in Canada with all the rabid hockey fans !!  BUT I figured it would be a good opportunity to practice my freeze motion shots - and freeze my ass off.

It turned out to be fun!!!  We got all these freebies - including free beaver tails and hot chocolate (and we didn't have to wait for hell to freeze over to get them either)... There were all kinds of folks skating - both in the arena and at the outdoor rink.  There were hockey greats (not one I knew - but then what I know about hockey could be written on the head of a pin)

And it probably did us good to be out in the fresh air for a few hours (I keep telling myself that - seeing as it took me HOURS to warm up when we got home!!)

Here's some shots from the Home Town Hockey tour..........

a figure skater amongst all the hockey hopefuls.... 

attempts at freeze motion shots 

and believe it or not two skaters texting!! 


There was even a Boston Bruins player?

And that was our weekend!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Little Christmas Magic

I think I told you folks - but honestly can't remember - I joined a group that offers photographic challenges every two weeks.  The challenge for the next two weeks is Christmas/Seasonal pictures. 

Everyone was posting outside lighting - inside lighting - the usual... in fact pretty much what I was gonna post.  BUT I don't like being a follower (cheeky grin) 

I had a brain wave - well actually two.  

I put some Christmas balls and lights and branches in a tall glass vase ....this was the result...............

And then yesterday while I was finishing off the Christmas baking inspiration hit.  How cool would it be to line up the Christmas Hugs cookies so that the lights of the Christmas tree were in the background (umm hard to explain - easier to show)  

Mission accomplished!!  

And much to my surprise - the leader of this group - who just happens to teach photo-journalism at the University "liked" my contribution!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Just thoughts

Over the last little while I have been watching a number of D/s M/s BDSM relationships imploding....both online and in real time.

I have listened to the advice everyone has to give........ and trust me when a relationship - any relationship - is imploding the people with advice come out of the woodwork!

We - subbies or slaves or whatever the hell title you use - tend to take the blame on our shoulders - cause that's what we do best!!  It's our job - after all - to make sure everything runs smoothly and by god when it doesn't it MUST be our fault!

And I have watched the stages we subbies/slaves/whatevers go through - from working doubly hard to fix "it" ....... to throwing up our hands... to crying and ranting... to working harder still ... to resignation.

I was thinking about it all this morning....... mostly because of a vow of yet another subbie/slave/whatever  to work hard to make herself a better slave/subbie.

She will toil and slave and make his life so easy.  She will smile and speak softly and be invisible and magically all the household chores/tasks will be done.  She won't ask for anything.  His life will be perfect.  His life will have no disruptions.  He won't have to think of anything because it will be taken care of before he can even think about it.  All his needs/desires will be satisfied.  

Because in some alternate universe - someone decided that GOOD subs/slaves should not have the right to pleasure.


In the beginning there were negotiations - and the Dom and sub looked at them - and they were pleased.  In those negotiations were the things the sub/slave could count on - expect even.  In those negotiations there was a list of her needs/wants and maybe even desires.  AND the Dom agreed to that.

Now who died and made the Dom god? huh?? who?  Since when does he decide he isn't going to fulfill his side of the bargain anymore and the sub/slave takes all the blame on her shoulders??!!!

In REAL life, people - if someone doesn't fulfill their end of the contract the contract is null and void.  The wounded party doesn't decide it's all their fault............ 

IF M/s D/s relationships are real - not games that you play - then it's time both parties lived up to their end of the negotiations.  

Pointe Finale!

and before anyone assumes I am talking about me and Sir - you're wrong - we're working things out.. slowly..... this whole blog consists of rambling thoughts spilling around in my head.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas is coming....

Between Christmas preparations, going to the gym and shopping I just haven't gotten here in a couple of days......... and don't have much to say today either......

BUT I do have some pictures of Christmas around here...

the center of attention of course!!! 

  AND some of my favourite decorations adorning the tree........

and an arty farty shot of some branches/balls and lights in a tall glass vase