Friday, August 04, 2006

High heel shoes

For some strange weird reason i have been thinking about high heels.. strappy high heels and painted toes. i have been reading a blog entitled Buffalo’s path......... this vanilla-ish chap (forgive me Buffalo - but this how i see you) packed up everything in the spring and headed out on his Harley to hit the back roads and travel through America. It has been an interesting.. some times amusing, sometimes thought provoking journel of his travels. BUT the one thing that stays in my head from all the words / themes he wrote about .. is strappy high heels and painted toe nails.. go figure !!!

Most of the time i do NOT wear high heels. For the most part i find them uncomfortable, wobbly and frivolous.

There is a girl i work with who wears just such shoes.. strappy high heels with painted toes. Now i can't say they do much for me.. and i have been known to question her ability to interact with the kiddies appropriately in strappy high heels. But she has proven herself more than once ready willing and able to keep up with the kids even in her strappy high heels. *i* on the other hand have always worn "sensible" shoes to work.

Once upon a time i was married to a man who stood 6 feet 8 inches tall in his stocking feet, i stand a mere 5 feet 6 inches. He, needless to say, liked me in very high heeled shoes. i had a cupboard full of them. But truth be told .. i prefered to go barefoot.

A week ago we had our new friend from Texas over for dinner. She noticed and commented on my painted toes (i was barefoot at the time) . Now most of the time in the summer i DO paint my toes... whatever colour hits my fancy - anything from bright pink - to muted mauves. i do NOT paint them in the winter cause who sees 'em under thick thermal socks and boots??

i guess i would paint them if it mattered to Sir. Quite truthfully i have no idea what He thinks about strappy high heels and painted toes... maybe i should ask Him.......... i do know i have what i call my "geisha" shoes which are rather high platform shoes that i wear on occasion. i love them but can't walk particularily fast in them. i do know i used to wear high heels when Sir and i were first together, but i don't seem to anymore. They hurt .. they make me wobble, they do seem frivolous. i would much prefer being bare foot.

Now.. i have been thinking.. IF this chap Buffalo should accept the invitation that both french maid and i have extended .. to come to Quebec for a visit, will i actually fish out my strappy high heels and make sure my toes are freshly painted....... probably not... if Buffalo has a shoe / toenail fetish.. i will leave it to french maid to sport the strappy high heels.

(and yes i have posted to my fictional blog... )


anna said...

I share your opinion - they're uncomfortable and I rarely wear them. And I've cringed everytime I've met a Dom who insists his sub walks around in high heeled shoes. Ugh. I also much prefer to be barefoot, but I always keep my toenails polished - year round. I just think they look prettier that way.

Having said all that, I will nonetheless make an effort to wear strappy sandals (perhaps even high-heeled ones) and ensure my toenails are polished to a high shine when and if Buffalo visits (assuming he visits before we have any snow or cold weather). So you can feel free to be comfortable. ;)

Buffalo said...

Ah, what is a fetish?

Strappy sandals need not have a heel and, if they do have a heel, anything more than an inch seems excessive.

Platform shoes of any nature are on my ugly list. As are the big, clunky heels that seem so popular today.

There is something inherently right about a woman that paints her toenails.

Montreal is on my list of must sees.

Hidden Flames said...

I don't wear them out... but I own weveral pair just for "play"
And my toenails are ALWAYS painted...

I am also planning a tattoo for the top of my foot... Vining blue morning glories...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Ow. And not a good ow.

Besides, ankle cuffs look hideous with heels. :D

Oh hey.. did you see the heels with the padlocks on them?? If not, I must find you the link.. they were awesome.

In fact, I may go find it anyway.. just cuz.



Anonymous said...

locking babydoll shoes

Okay so they aren't heels. They're still lovely. I want some!


anna said...

LOL... kaya, those actually look kinda fun. I'd probably want to try to tap dance and end up falling flat on my face.

littleone said...

when i read all the comments this morning i couldn't help thinking.. "we are all SUCH girls" well of course Buffalo is the exception...

now who wants to explain to Buffalo what a fetish is?? (not me that's for sure.. cause i think He might just kill me)

and kaya those ARE the cutest shoes i have ever seen..... and yeah they have a heel - a wee bit of one but still a heel... and ya know what?? i want a pair too.. but how the hell do you mail order something like that and get a perfect fit???

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Buffalo said...

You're the one that brought up the subject...shouldn't you be the one that educates this po' ol' country boy?

littleone said...

Buffalo .......... po'ol country boy?? YOU??????????? LOL..

and why do i feel like i am having my leg pulled.. however.. a lesson on what fetish is forthcoming i promise !!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

Coming in on this a bit late... just wandered to your blog via a long and convoluted trail...but I had to comment.
I was a high-heeled girl until this winter, when my chiropractor and orthopedist told me in no uncertain terms that I'd have to stop.
And guess what? M'lord's thrilled with my flats. I always wore heels because I'm a little bit of a thing and he's tall--turns out he really gets a kick out of the dichotomy.
But the toenails are always polished and the sandals are still strappy. And metallic. If I can't have heels, I can still have bronze or silver!


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