Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday's Adventure

I picked up some tourist information last week -- you know things to do while you visit Cornwall sort of brochures -- and saw these ruins - St Raphael's church.  I mentioned in passing to Sir Steve that I was gonna take a run up to see it with my camera one day.

Sunday morning while we were sitting eating breakfast on the deck in the sunshine !! (yes we actually had some sunshine) he asked if I would like to take a run out to see it -- AND he added (like I needed more incentive) there's an old covered bridge on the way you might be interested in!

We had an amazing day -- found the covered bridge..... 

saw the ruins of St Raphaels
(for history buffs -- it was built in 1821 and was destroyed by an electrical fire in 1970)

 There were 3 brass bells -- two were completely melted during the fire !!  - this was all that was left of the 3rd one.....

God's own stained glass ...........

On the way home he took me to see Ontario's oldest church -- a log cabin church that was built in 1784 -- while the stone church was being constructed. 

running alongside the church was an overgrown mess of brambles -- but when I looked inside the tangled mess there was this wee beauty.............

Then it was home to the campground -- the lil one joined us for dinner -- the rain moved in -- so we curled up in the trailer and watched Dr Doolittle on Netflix!

(for the record the mother came by around 4 asking if the lil one was eating with us or her -- WTF she usually can't wait to send her back to us -- and then asked if we were staying up and if the lil one would stay with us.  Sir Steve got to handle the custody questions)

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