Friday, July 07, 2017

Summer time

"and the living is easy.............. "

We're packing up today and heading off to the trailer for the summer.  Well kind of for the summer......... we'll spend 5 days there and 2 days in the city getting laundry done and picking up groceries etc.

I am praying for nice weather -- as I keep telling Sir Steve -- I am a 'fair weather' camper....... even with a trailer which is nothing like 
''camping'' !  I am also bringing the old 'limp along' computer with me so I can write here in the early mornings (I think I would have withdrawals - honest! - if I couldn't write in the early mornings!)

We have internet and will have Netflix for when the weather is bad (thank god -- I sound like my mother -- but TV is the BEST babysitter!)

Sir Steve will leave for work from the trailer and come back in the evenings..... memories of when I was little and spent the summers at my grandparent's cottage with all my cousins.  The 'men' would take the train into the city on Monday and come back on Friday.  At least Sir Steve will come home every evening....... and -- cheeky grin -- barbecue dinner.

I have my Kobo loaded with books and am bringing my running shoes.  I haven't joined a gym since I arrived but am hoping if I can get a couple of good walks in in the morning and early evening I will slowly get myself back on track.  I have noticed a change in my body shape (not my weight thank god!) - bringing out the voices in my head telling me I am fat -- and that I CAN'T get fat or Sir Steve will lose interest (yeah I know stupid thoughts -- but my voices aren't always very logical) and of course with the voices comes the loss of appetite.  gotta nip this one in the bud pretty damn quickly!

 There is only one small dark cloud on the horizon.  The mother and grandmother are making noise about having the lil one over the summer.  The child custody papers clearly state they only get her from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon........... so there may be a little temper tantrum from 2 trailers down as they learn to 'read' ........... but in my heart of hearts I believe the lil one is better off with her father.  I have witnessed the child rearing tactics from 2 trailers down and am not impressed! 

And so the summer begins.......... hopefully with more sunny skies than rainy ones.. and lots of fun and laughter............


Anonymous said...

I worry - and maybe I'm reading this wrong - but it sounds like the little one is being left with you while SirSteve goes to work? Not that I have a problem with her being left with you per se - more that I have concerns about you being put into the middle between the custody papers and the people from two trailers down, if they think they can come and just take her away from you for the day. It puts you into a difficult position that would lead to a lot of stress for you, and one best avoided, I think?

Hermione said...

Two trailers down? That sounds too close for comfort. I hope you can stay out of each other's sight as much as possible.


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