Sunday, July 23, 2017

End of the Week

The sun is setting -- it's quiet in the campgrounds -- Sunday night most have gone back to town for the start of a new week.

It was a good week (all in all) the lil one spent the week with mom and Sir Steve and I had some much needed 'us' time -- after he returned from work.  I spent my days going for walks -- or curled up in the lounger reading.  The sun is browning my body and lifting my spirits.  (it has been a rainy cold start to the summer!)

I am sitting on the bed watching Sir Steve brush the lil one's hair and braid it before bed.... I am smiling - watching the intensity on his face as he braids -- tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth.  She's chattering on and on about dinosaurs.  The dog is curled up on her bed at the foot of our bed.  The day is ending..... 

Life is good when the world quietens down and the sun sets.......... 

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