Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crazies of the World Unite

And then let us put them all in a freaking big boat and push it out to sea............. 

The last few days I seem to have had my fill of crazy people... from the  ex father in law screaming his fool head off at me -- to the ex wife lurking about trying to cross the clearly defined boundarives -- the ex mother in law raving like a lunatic and now my ex W still tagging me on FB (always when I think he is gone for good he manages to pop back up in my life!!) ........ (shaking head) Honestly I feel like I am living in an asylum!!

And now I am growing paranoid! 

My biggest fear is that Sir Steve's exs are plotting some evil plot to get custody of the lil one.  I know it's stupid and illogical -- the mother still is only allowed supervised visitations........... but the rumblings I keep hearing -- like they will keep the lil  one for the full summer -- and get full custoday at the fall hearing.........the names they are calling me everything from "slut to home breaker to crazy girlfriend" .  I worry somehow I am gonna be used against Sir Steve in the final custody hearing!

AND I am probably just being paranoid........... 

Let's start collecting 'em all -- all those crazies -- and find a HUGE boat ok???


Hermione said...

Morningstar, with your exemplary record as a teacher of troubled children, I think if they try to use you against Sir Steve, the joke will be on them. YOU are a very good reason (amogg many others) that the lil one should stay right where she is.

Stay strong and hang in there.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Hermione, the thought of them trying to use you as a means to get custody is not only laughable, it makes me want to bring a lawn chair and popcorn so I can sit out front and watch as they get laughed out of court. Between your qualifications and experience, and who you are.. they will get nowhere.

The thing is, even if they do use you as an excuse to drag things back to court, it's not you. It wouldn't matter who Sir Steve had chosen to be with, they would hate her and use her. They're miserable people and miserable people need to drag everyone else into that pit with them. They've lost control, and they've not been willing to accept that their actions are the reason they don't have more. Much like a small child they havent learned how to control themselves and are having tantrums. I don't think they see you as anything other than the token "new girlfriend" and as such you are the latest winner in the blame game. They're not mad at you for anything other than what you represent. The fact that you're awesome at what you do and make them look like amateurs when it comes to entertaining the under 16 set probably infuriates them too and reminds them yet again that their actions are what lost them that control. They sound like people who aren't used to not being able to bully their way to what they want and they're mainly pissed that they can't scare you.

Try not to let them get to you. They don't know you well enough to hate you as much as they want to so obviously it's the concept of you they hate. If there's one thing you are woman it's classy. Rise above, don't sink to their level, not only will it infuriate them, you're teaching that little one that you don't run away when things get hard or scary... something every kid needs to learn, especially one who is trying to figure all this out. Be on her side, I know you, that'll give you all the courage you need.


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