Wednesday, May 24, 2017


On Mother's day there were some memes going around FB about single Dads and how they should be acknowledged on Mother's Day.  My initial reaction was -- 'why?!  there's Father's day?!!'  But then you have to realize I was raised by parents who did not believe in these 'special days'.  I can still hear my father saying "Why is there one day to acknowledge your parents?? Children should acknowledge their parents EVERY day!"  

BUT all that aside -- I have watched Sir Steve over these last 5 months juggle his day job with the house chores -- with raising a 4 year old by himself.   Yeah I admire him for it -- but again -- my practical side says 'there's lots of single moms doing all that and more too" I think it's just a bit more rare to see a dad with custody of the children.  AND certainly my experience with Dads in general is that they are a bit like a deer caught in the headlights when they are faced with single parenthood..... like no one has prepared them for double duty.

When we first started talking about my moving here -- spending more time with them both - I made it pretty clear I wasn't looking to become a 'step mom' to the lil one.  I've done with raising my kids -- I've done my teaching kids -- and I've done my working with 'special' kids and I was done!

BUT I was willing to offer advise -- put my professional hat on and make suggestions that might make life run a little smoother -- things like setting rules and sticking to them -- setting boundaries and not moving them.  It's hard though for mom or dad to come home from work tired and have to stick to the rules and boundaries -- it's so much easier to turn on the TV and let the rules and boundaries slide.  BUT if you love your child you try damn hard to maintain the rules and boundaries -- and eventually with time -- things start to run a little smoother -- and the children start to be more confident -- more relaxed -- more responsible.

That doesn't mean there aren't bad days and worse nights.  There have been nights where Sir Steve has had little to no sleep because of bad dreams -- or the odd night when the lil one has a bed wetting accident and sheets are being changed in the dead of night -- and the alarm still rings at the same time regardless of no sleep -- the day looms ahead with the responsibilities that day light brings.

I have nothing but respect for any single parent -- but I'm a little more invested in this single parent ... a little more sympathetic -- a little more impressed by how he can leap tall buildings in a single bound -- juggle a bowl of cereal with a glass of milk while he's packing the lunch bag and stuffing the homework into the school bad. 

In my humble opinon his super power IS being a single dad  and his determined attitude that he's got this!!


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