Monday, May 29, 2017

Rose Coloured Glasses

Over the years I have been 'accused' more than once of wearing rose coloured glasses.  My staff used to tease me and say "in morningstar's world......."  and yes I guess I do tend to try and see the bright side of things -- find the good in people.... but honestly is there anything wrong with that?


Except when you come face to face with reality.

I have been ignoring the bad manners (extremely bad manners) of Sir Steve's ex-mother in law at the camp site.  I have shrugged it off or simply 'disappeared' when she would storm onto our site with some demand or other.

BUT yesterday -- shaking head -- it truly got out of hand.  The lil one had lost a special elastic.  I asked her if she had left at "mommy's trailer'.  Simple question right?  Sir Steve suggested she go check ........ 

Not 5 minutes later ex-mother in law came storming -- and I do mean storming -- onto our site saying they had looked for the elastic ALL DAY! and bitching about expecting a 4 year old to keep track of things.

I spoke up -- after all it had been my suggestion she might have left it behind -- this woman (and trust me when I say I am being VERY polite here cause other names jump to mind) totally and completely ignored me -- as if I didn't exist.  It threw me -- threw me big time.

Afterwards I knew what I should have done -- I should have stepped between her and Sir Steve and made her acknowledge me -- and listen to what I was trying to say.  BUT of course -- it was only after she had stormed off -- and my heart was pounding so loudly and hard I thought it would jump  out of my chest that I thought of challenging her.

I have never ever met someone so totally rude.  She refuses to acknowledge my existence even when I am standing right in front of her.  I have no experience with that sort of behaviour... none - zero - nada.   

In my world - through the rose coloured glasses -- every human being is at the very least civil to one another.  I am totally at a loss as to how to deal with someone like her............. 


Seaside Dreams said...

Sorry to say it but the only thing to do is find your inner Bitch. And even then that may not work, good luck to you.

Hil said...

You can't reason with crazy so don't even try. Just continue behaving according to your standards, don't stoop to hers, then at least you can show you know how to behave. Alternatively there is always a 'hitman' 😝

Lilac said...

Hil is right, morningstar. Don't lower your standard by competing with her. No offense but some people just have no manner or class.

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