Friday, May 26, 2017

Play Time

Sir Steve loves knives (one more thing we have in common) and collects them.  A while back I saw a set of knives that caught my eye.  They made me think of dragons -- another passion of Sir Steve's.  So I purchased them........  

I say them because as much as the above picture looks like one knife -- they are actually two -- one fits inside the other in the leather sheaf.

Apart they look like this............. 

Sir Steve has had those knives sitting on his bedside table since I gave them to him.  I will admit to lusting over them -- wanting to feel the cold steel against my skin.  But I never brought it up with him... 'cause he has to want to do knife play for me to really enjoy it.  I want to feed off his desire to mark my body -- off his desire to slide the blade up and down my body -- off his desire to play.

The other night we were joking around after going to bed.... and one thing lead to another -- and the next thing I knew the larger of the two knives was pressed against my skin.... sliding up and down my back -- over my ass -- down my legs.  His strong hand hot against my skin as he held my leg still -- or when he pressed my ass into the bed.... not a word was spoken -- I could hear his breathing -- hear my soft moans... feel the heat building in my body......

The big knife was amazingly and sharp and pricky....... but when Sir Steve switched to the small one I nearly jumped.  It had a much lighter touch -- but ohhhhhhh so sharp!  And it slid so easily between my legs -- playing in my jewelry - sliding ever so carefully between my legs -- his hand holding me open -- exposing my delicate bits to the kiss of the blade. 

In the old days people would comment on how sensual our knife play was -- but the other night we took sensual to a whole new level........ and it was beautiful.

Play time with Sir Steve was always good before -- and is only getting better now there are no rules....... and that my dear friends is a very good thing!

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