Monday, May 01, 2017

Gossip and Rumours

7:30 am Sunday morning I heard my cell phone beep.  7:30 A.M. on Sunday (in case you missed that !!)  

Someone told someone who told someone else a bit of gossip about me.  Right -- and I needed to hear the vague innuendos at 7:30 A.M on Sunday morning.  To say I was pissed would be putting it mildly.

Sometime around 9:30 A.M. Sir Steve and I were having coffee and browsing Facebook when he got a phone call.  His ex-mother-in-law apparently threw a major hissy fit at the campgrounds on Saturday.  You see - on Friday Sir Steve gave her back the keys to the trailer she gave him as a wedding present.  (She had asked him to pay her for it - believe it or not) Sir Steve - as you all know -- had bought a new one.  

It is my belief from the nonsense she kicked up on Saturday that she had been hoping he would just walk away -- from the trailer -- from the camp site - from the camp grounds entirely............. that way she could house her other daughter and grandchild two trailers down from her for the summer.  Sir Steve ruined her plans.  (BTW the campsite is now and always has been in his name!)

I can feel the electricity in the air...... 
I can feel the tensions building...
I am getting pissed !
No correct that --  I  AM pissed!

I am so very glad that I asked Sir Steve to NOT change our site -- I am more than prepared to stand tall and show the campground that I am a bigger person than this small petty woman who gossips and loves drama. 

As for the gossip about me flying around the local community -- (especially the ones who read here and helped spread the gossip) While you are talking about me behind my back ........ you can 


Anonymous said...

For the love of God...people need to shut the hell up and just live their lives and let others live theirs. Hold your head high sweetie, jealousy is a powerful motivator for some people and you definitely have lots to be jealous of these days. Happiness evades a lot of people these days and so they get jealous when others have it.

As for the ex-MIL. I have one like that too. Kill her with kindness and class woman! You have both in abundance and anyone who meets you will know petty when they see it.

Stay strong hon. This too shall pass!


julie said...

Wow, how small minded.

Hold your head up high and walk tall. xx

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