Thursday, May 18, 2017

Evil Woman

OH if only you knew how many times I have written today's blog -- edited it -- edited it again -- and finally took it down.

Sir Steve and I talked about it -- I don't like the side of me that gets angry -- that wants to speak the truth from the mountain tops.  I want to speak MY truth from the mountain tops -- nay shout it from the mountain tops.  I want to 'out' the man who thinks I am SO powerful - so evil -  that I can turn whole communities against him -- who believes I have aided in the ruination of his life. Who thinks I have that kind of power!

When in reality -- no one can ruin your life -- make you miserable and unhappy... only you can do that to yourself! 

People only turn their backs on you -- cut you out of their lives -- when you -- you yourself - have driven them away.  

Certainly no one is exempt from rumours and gossip -- I most certainly haven't been in my 4 years here in Kingston.  BUT I stayed true to myself -- I held my head high and people saw through the rumours and gossip.  They saw the real me -- the friendly slightly naive (ok maybe a lot naive) person who opened her heart and home to those around her.  They saw a woman who showed respect and bit her tongue (when blurting out the truth would have done nothing more but stir the rumour mill and cause more drama -- and that is not who I am!)

I have no such evil powers to turn communities against anyone -- or have such evil powers that I can make someone miserable ...... nope sorry.  That's not me.

I am however evil enough to live my life well -- strong enough to know when it's time to leave the past behind and move forward with strength and a firm belief that things will indeed get better.

AND evil enough to leave Karma to do her job for me.

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Hil said...

I rather like the evil you 😈

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