Monday, May 15, 2017

Camping Life

We spent the weekend at the campsite in the trailer........ the weather was a wee bit better than last weekend (not much -- but a wee bit!)  Friday was sunny and almost warm...... we set up the fire pit and managed to enjoy a delightful, quiet, romantic fire together Friday night.......... 

Saturday Sir Steve was determined to work on the deck he has built for the new trailer....... 

Saturday evening we went to visit another campsite and I got to meet some more of our 'neighbours'.   

 OH and we got the internet hooked up and working on the site -- so from now on I will be able to post entries to the blog from the comfort of the trailer!!  Camping sure has modernized since I went camping in a tent!!

One thing hasn't changed though....... my body's severe reaction to bug bites.  There were a whole mess of tiny lil black bugs -- everyone said they were 'no-see-ems' and not to worry they didn't bite.  Can I say "LIARS"??!!  those little bruts bite worse than mosquitoes and my body's reaction to their bites was pretty damn extreme!

And one last little tidbit of news..... I actually dealt with the ex-wife and the ex-inlaws... the ex-sister-in-law was amazing!!  She spent a good part of her time visiting with us and helping Sir Steve with the deck. I was civil to the ex-wife and actually shared a laugh with the ex-father-in-law.  

Things are looking up............... the summer is gonna be amazing!


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Are you sure that's not a spider bite? That's quite a reaction. We have "no-see-ems" in Florida and they do bite. And the bite does hurt!

Anonymous said...

Here are what no-see-ums are. They do bite!

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