Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More than..........

We did more than eat and have sex this weekend.  It was the annual home show so we popped in for a look see.  I don't usually do very well at big conventions like home shows -- crowds ya know -- and all the twists and turns I usually land up feeling panicky lost..... but it went really well.

First there were a whole mess of RVs for sale in the parking lot and Sir Steve is looking for a new one to replace the one he has at the camp grounds.  So we wandered in and out of them all.  I have never paid much attention to RV's before -- never thinking I would have a need to know anything about them.  Dear lord!!  Some of them are nicer than my home!  And cost almost as much !

I did manage to get a map of Cornwall from the city bus company -- and managed to pick up some bamboo blue sheets that are guaranteed to fit my bed (I've been having a lot of trouble finding double bed sheets that actually fit)

Then we wandered home and Sir Steve got a couple of phone calls from folks selling second hand RV's.  So Sunday we hopped in the car and went off into the country via back roads to see a couple of them.  The drive was pretty amazing -- the snow is gone -- the sun was shining -- and the country side was glorious.  (I can't wait to rescue my camera from youngest daughter's house where I forgot it and get out taking pictures) 

The first one we saw was listed low in price but needed some work...... some work???!!!  Their definition and my definition of 'some work' are two different things!!  We didn't stay long and got back in the car and back to the country roads to the next one... which was actually a dealership.  The one we were to see there needed some work too....... but it was filthy !!  and smelled bad ... and had mold!  I kept wrinkling my nose up at Sir Steve.  After he had 'come to his senses' he asked the guy serving us if there were any others in his price range.

There were a couple -- I wandered off for a cigarette cause seriously I had had enough of 'some work' RV's.  When I found my way back to them Sir Steve told me to come look ....... it was an RV from the outside -- but I climbed the rickety steps and stop dead in my tracks.  It was so clean!!  No bad smells.  It looked clean!!  and it was cute..... so damn cute.  I tried really hard not to fall in love it -- tried not to see us vacationing in it ......... but it didn't work.  Just like my other homes I had fallen in love.

Sir Steve and I wandered off to talk.  It was a good price -- a little higher than he wanted to go -- but so worth the money.  There is nothing to fix -- NOTHING!  so we can spend our summer weekends enjoying it and the camping.  I downloaded a couple of pictures of it... but you have to understand it's not as squishy as it looks in the pictures. One side (the side with the table and sofa) slides out and gives us about another few feet -- enough to walk comfortably from one end to the other.....

  at the back of this picture - through the doorway is the master bedroom with a queen size bed.

at the back of this picture is a very compact bathroom with shower/tub.. toilet and sink

So Sir Steve is the proud owner of a new RV .... and our life is coming together -- like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces.


SugarSack said...

youll love having an RV/Trailer.... unlike a hotel its so much nicer to know where your sheets have been, and that they've been laundered ; and you know all the stuff is yours and you are the only ones using it.... its just a load off your mind as far as "where has this stuff been and who's used it"

congrats !!


ronnie said...

I'm loving reading about you and Sir Steve. Really happy for you.


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