Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Will Power

It's funny how people see us differently than we see ourselves....... at least that has been my experience.  

It's also interesting to me how influential someone's words can be - for good or bad.  

On the weekend mini me gave me a gift - she doesn't know she did - but she did.  I don't remember when/how she said it - but she said "you have will power".  I had never thought about it before.  If you had asked me I wouldn't have said I have "will power" - but since mini me said it I have been very aware of my own will power... from going to the gym every morning and climbing on the treadmill and doing my 3 miles whether I feel like it or not - to logging every bit of food that goes in my mouth and watching my calories. (  I will admit my "will power" gets a big boost cause the weight is coming off)

Now I am fighting to bring my sugars down (because I do NOT want to become diabetic and have to take pills or insulin) I am not only counting calories - but counting the carbs and sugars I eat.... which has meant I have cut the sugar in my coffee by half - yeah I don't enjoy my coffee the same but hey!!  it only makes sense. I have stopped ALL sugary drinks - especially my one can of coke a day.  I had people say "well one can can't be that bad" .............. Yesterday I checked there are 30grams of sugar in one can - my daily allotment is 50 ........... so it was an easy decision to cut out the can of coke a day.   

It was an easy decision - but not so easy to stick to.  Yesterday for some reason I craved a coke - was climbing the walls wanting one............. there is coke in my fridge easy enough to grab one and have a mouthful or two - or three........... but I didn't.  I heard mini me's words "will power" over and over in my head.

I have managed to bring my daily sugars down from being in the red every day - to safely in the green zone.  YAY me!  

Now some have been less that supportive in my efforts to cut out extra sugars and stop this downward spiral into diabetes.  I have been told there really is nothing that will work - IF I am gonna be diabetic - it will happen.  I have also heard a number of people whine and whine about being diabetic ....... but really do very little to turn it around.  

I am hoping that these positive steps I have taken to bring my sugar under control - and the steps I have taken to loose weight and be stronger will work.  So many things in our lives are not under our control.  I am willing to work hard to cut back my sugars, to loose weight - to take responsibility/control of the things I CAN control!  I am not going to sit back and whine about how unfair it is........... not over this.......not over something I honestly truly believe I can turn around.

I have will power - mini me says I have it!  and I will successfully do this !!!


Blondie said...

That is so awesome. You do have will power. Way to go on all of your positive steps. I truly admire you. You can always lower your risk of getting diabetes, always. My doctor told me that I lower my risk over 50% if I did what you are doing.
You are doing a great job at being a role model too!!!!

selkie said...

you absolutely CAN do something about it! and ARE doing it which is AWESOME. I got a diagnosis of pre-diabetes 10+ years ago- I continue to this day to be NON-diabetic - I made some big changes - upped by fibre (really important!)- exercise (you're doing that already! - and this is even MORE important than what you put in your mouth)- and generally speaking (not entirely) cut out "white things" from my diet. White things mean things made with processed stuff- like white flour and sugar etc. I would highly recommend you pick up a book or two from Rick Gallup (Canadian) who with the GI plan has given a lot of people the tools to take control of their lives. Be viglient about whole grains (keeping in mind a lot of products which CLAIM to be "whole grains" are NOT - so read labels carefully). - you want to give your body something to work with - our hunter/gatherer systems need to identify what is coming into it - the problem with "white things" is they are so processed, the body can't identify it so store it as fat! Too much fat = pancreas pumping out insulin to get blood sugars balanced and BAM... keep up the good work!

AngelsQuest said...

It's funny how our words can affect people. Indeed I'd had no idea but I am glad they hit a good place in you.


mini me

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