Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Reality Check

Ok - by now most of you know I am working hard to lose weight..... improve my self esteem - and now get my sugar levels under control before diabetes sets in.  

I have increased my gym visits to 5 days a week - am getting really close to walking 10,000 steps a day - during the week (have managed for the last two weeks to do over 50,000 steps a week) 

I have noticed that my clothes are getting bigger and bigger and have shared a few giggles with mini me when my jeans slipped down....... and she suggested I might need a belt.  I have watched the weight slowly ( VERY slowly) disappear.  And the scales tell me I have todate lost 35 pounds.

I made noises about getting some new pants / underwear but hadn't really done anything about it.  Mainly cause I would like to lose another 25 pounds or so.... and why spend good money on clothes that will just be too big ............. AND I don't think I believed my clothes were THAT big on me.

Anyway that being said ... we seem to have developed a custom in our family where the kids get new Pjs for Christmas.  Last week I was out shopping and landed up in the Pj department of our local Walmart. I had seen they had goofy Pjs on sale and thought I would take a look.......... (though I was sure they wouldn't have a size that would fit me)
I found a "onsie" complete with feet AND the best part - the pattern was Elmo.  Absolutely perfect for granny for Christmas morning - no??? and SO sexy!!!  But they didn't have what I thought was my size.  (le sigh) I took the largest one they had off the rack and held it up to my body.  I thought it might fit ........ and maybe by Christmas I could whittle off a few more pounds and it would be "ok".  

I bought them - but it took me 2 days to try them on........... I had my fingers crossed that I hadn't wasted my money.  These Pjs were 4 sizes smaller than what I had been wearing before my health kick started.  4 sizes!!  Could I even lose what was needed to get them to fit by Christmas??? I pulled them on - zipped them up - and looked in the mirror.  My jaw hit the floor!!  Not only did they fit -- they are a little big!!!

I am clearly down 4 dress sizes!!!  Who knew?? Certainly not me!

So yesterday I went and found the one pair of jeans I have left in my "small" size and a small turtle neck and discovered they fit quite nicely - a little big but do-able.  I felt so proud of myself!!  Who knew I could actually do this!!  I still keep saying "4 sizes smaller -- wow!" 

Now for your viewing pleasure - here is a pic of my sexy Elmo Pjs ............. taken at night with my cell phone - so not the best

Now I am off to the gym - cause there are still 25 pounds that need to go !!


Anonymous said...

Excellent job! Taking care of you....

julie said...

Wow, go you xxx

Hil said...

Wow I am impressed, I'm also dieting and I know it is bloody hard work. Only down 27 pounds myself but am managing to stick to it so far. I hope you go and get the smaller PJs. You should.

Evie said...

Congrats that is wonderful

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