Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making a List and checking it twice.........

Nooooooooo I am not talking about a list to Santa Claus........ 

I am talking about a comment mini me left on yesterday's blog Turning Corners........ she said:
 "Since August you have made many large leaps. You should start a list of them, beginning with when you decided it was time to move. I will add the things you might miss "

It was a cute comment and I smiled and moved on - not giving it  much thought.

But this morning I had a small problem with my mouse (the left click button didn't work) and I managed to fix it.  I sat back smiling....... and then I realized how many minor problems I have solved all by myself...... from the DVD player that didn't work - to my phone that wouldn't dial out - to the fire in my living room base board heater.

I have driven alone long distances to unknown cities and didn't die doing it.... I have managed to drive in the dark .. I have gone to munches by myself ... I have taken responsibility for my weight - for what I eat or don't eat - I am feeding myself food I actually like - I faced my cancer test by myself and survived it - I have had my car's emission test done - finding a garage that would do it - I am learning it is ok to decide to do things any time I want to do them - 

I am learning to live alone - and LOVE it !!

And it's interesting to me - when my therapist told me that it was too soon to find someone to share my bed - or my life - it was freeing.  I like - really LIKE - being alone.  And it was like she gave me permission to enjoy this part of my life.  

I am gonna keep adding to this list of things I have accomplished on my own!  I am gonna keep a list of the joys of living alone.  I am gonna be proud of who I am becoming............. cause I think I really truly like this person ! 

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