Monday, November 23, 2015


I had a bit of an "eureka" moment this weekend.  (part of the healing process I think) I want to try and explain - to put it down in words so when I waiver I can come back and read this - and set my feet firmly under me and continue on MY path.....

This eureka moment started when I realized how much drama has been in my life for the last few years.  Let me say this first - I do NOT like drama - at all.  It ties me up in knots and makes me literally and figuratively sick to my stomach.

And it started with a simple malfunction of my DVD player on Saturday night.

There was nothing on television on Saturday night, so I decided to put on Netflix and find a movie or show to watch.  Netflix started to load then the DVD player just locked up and wouldn't work - wouldn't turn off - wouldn't turn on........ it was just in limbo.  I sat staring at it............. what to do?? My stomach knotted up - and I caught myself holding my breath.  I was waiting for the anger - the complaining - for the "woe's is me" for the lashing out verbally and on line.   

BUT  wait................ 

This was my choice now.  I could chose to be angry and upset - or I could choose to walk away and find my peace - and not stress over it.  

That's what I did..... chose peace and calm over drama.  I watched mindless shows on television and ignored the fact the DVD player wasn't working.......... it was not the end of the world... it did not have to create drama - it was my choice how to handle this ............

On Sunday evening - after a fun day at my grandson's birthday - I came home to the peace and quiet of my home.  I looked at the DVD player sitting on the shelf - and decided to try unplugging it and plugging it back in........... EUREKA - the DVD was again working fine - and Netflix came on.

AND a lesson was learned.

It is now my choice how to handle problems - I  can create a whole mess of drama and stress - or I can choose to take the path that leads to calm and quiet.  There are no more voices telling me how I should react to things.. who I should give hell to .... how things should be handled.  It is truly my choice now.

And I discovered I could chose calm and peace - toss the drama out the window and wow what an amazing feeling!!

My life - my choice - my path!


Florida Dom said...

Great to hear you chose calm and peace.


Michele d said...

Yes, yes, yes!

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