Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weary Traveller home from my Journeys

I started off on my BIG adventure early Friday morning - nervous as all get out.... honestly my life to this point did NOTHING to prepare me for the type of independence I now need (sadly)

I managed to make it to my brother's house where I was to pick up my camera (in the back yard in the barbeque) and then found my way to the 407 and the 400.  Once I got a short distance up the 400 I decided to stop at an Onroute (service center) and have a picnic lunch.  To celebrate further I took a selfie - to share with family and friends on facebook. 

Of course stopping for lunch then got me stuck in cottage country traffic but I still made good time and got settled into the hotel with loads of time.....

Huge room for one person no??? and the bed??!!!  a whole village could have fit in it I swear !!!!  I met up with eldest daughter and her partner for dinner and we feasted on good Chinese food ......... had a wonderful chat ....... and then we came back to the hotel - they went to the pool and hot tub and I went up to my room to watch some TV and veg.

Saturday morning I was up with the birds - went to the hotel gym - had breakfast and then headed out with my camera to explore Barrie.  Those pictures I will save for another day........ 

And then of course Saturday afternoon was the wedding.  It was beautiful (despite the cold and rain) but then aren't all weddings beautiful!!?? 

Sunday morning I had hoped to have a final breakfast with the family - but no one was up and about and I got restless so by 10:00 I was on my way down the 400 in the pouring rain.  

I have to admit it was a fun adventure - BUT - it was good to come home!

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