Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quick Thought

(surprise !!!  you didn't think I would be here today didja?? well here I am!!)

The other day on "Well that was awkward"  Michele d left me a comment.  

She said in part.........I'd love to read that you brought a date back to the house to see how well THAT goes over!

And it has kinda been rolling around in my head...

to answer you Michele - I am 99.9% sure it wouldn't bother W at all.... not even if I brought home a viral young thing who could f**k me silly - nope don't think it would bother W at all.

BUT ..couple of things about that... I couldn't... wouldn't ... bring a new lover home .. I couldn't / wouldn't do that to W.......... cause that is just who I am.

Also ... I can't just go find someone to f**k around with.... snap my fingers - forget about 15 years ... and hop into the next bed available... can't do it.. it's just not me... I am not a SLUT - never have been.... never will be...........

If I have nothing else - I have my pride!  and my word !  and my integrity !

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Michele d said...

I get what you're saying about keeping your integrity, just couldn't help wishing for a bit of role reversal. (Btw, dating someone new would NOT make you a slut. You were committed and faithful and have nothing to be ashamed of should you find someone new.) We readers of your blog care about you (even though we've never met) and hope you find happiness again, whatever direction that takes you.

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