Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Catching up

Just a little up date as to what went on in my life while I was "gone".....

* Remember the surgery I went through at the end of April???  I saw the surgeon the day before I left for Ottawa and she removed yet another mass but it was benign..... she also said she didn't expect to see me again (welllllll I won't hold my breath on that one)

* I also went apartment hunting - yes things had gotten so bad here that I felt it was necessary.... and I nearly had a break down (no joke) ..... the apartments I saw were at the very top of my budget and oh my god!!  they were awful - dirty - with mold - leaking windows and an area of town I wouldn't feel safe going out in after dark........ I came home a total basket case.......which prompted a long hard talk with W..... he says he honestly doesn't want me to move out .... so we worked out .......... more like are still working out ... living as room mates and good friends

* Things have improved a lot around here - at least I think so - and I hope it's not those damnable rose coloured glasses :( W was my best friend way back when at the beginning... and we promised - before we became D/s - and again before we moved here to Kingston - that we would always be best friends and room mates.

*  I did have a play session (I think I told you about that) a couple of weeks ago - or more - and it was good - and I enjoyed it - BUT - I am not sure it was the right time - or right move.  I feel myself backing away from BDSM totally - I do not want another D/s relationship I know I can't just play for the sake of playing....... there always seems to be something missing ............ so I am in limbo - not quite vanilla and not quite BDSM - and truthfully I don't much care - at least not now... I had said "never again" but a lot of friends have reminded me of the old saying "never say never"   It's just right now I can't see it in my future..... it took a lot out of me when W and I ended our D/s relationship - I am not sure I have it in me to do that again........ 

And I think that's it for now......... gotta open the "work computer" and get to designing :)


Anonymous said...

happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see you back...I missed reading what's going on with you.
Hope to see you soon.

mini me

Sue said...

I am sorry the path has been so difficult, and that I have been so absent... Watching my own feet on my own path I guess. I hope that you can find a way for this part of life to be good. Hugs.

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