Friday, May 22, 2015

New Theme Song

My eldest daughter sent me this yesterday..... she believes in me - more than I believe in me now....

" gonna take back my life.... "


keth said...

When my life fell apart, some 12 years ago, and I was faced with putting everything back together again (much as you are now) - the song 'faith of the heart' was regularly being screened as the title song of 'Enterprise'. I got curious and googled the lyrics. When I read them I seized on them as inspiration and although its taken a long time, I've now gone wayyyyyyyyy past where I was when I met the shitbag that fucked up my life, the difference between me then and me now is just incredible. Having some kind of song can really help as you work back to a position of inner strength.

You can do this. Believe in your daughter, beleive in a song, keep chanting it in your head until you believe it in yourself.


Anonymous said...

I believe you will morningstar.

Missing you.

mini me

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