Monday, February 09, 2015

Patience - not my strong suit

I keep telling myself this has NOT been a bad winter - or a long one.  After all we virtually had a green Christmas........... so to complain just 6 weeks later that I have had it with winter seems ............. illogical?? 

BUT I am complaining.  Last week I think we shoveled 6 straight days - and one day we shoveled twice.  It's like Mother Nature is making up for lost time.  We missed a trip to Montreal on the weekend for a wedding cause the weather was so dreadful .......... though I did try very hard to make up for the disappointment by getting out and about for my photo shoot of Froid d'Art.

I had really hoped to get back to downtown on Sunday to take pictures in the daylight of the kids on the ice slides - going through the ice maze - and of the ice sculptures and best of all pictures of the polar bear plunge.

But yesterday was snowing and blowing and then the icing on the cake was freezing rain about mid day.  

Mid afternoon though, Sir agreed to take me to the city's green houses to see their yearly exhibit of spring flowers.  Honestly I have the BEST Sir.  He warmed up the car and scraped and scraped AND scraped the ice off it .......and off we went to the green houses.  

I nearly died when we pulled into the parking lot and we were the only car there!!  Mind you the attendant said there had been about 50 brave souls who had been through before we got there.

I zoomed around snapping pictures here and there....... and inhaling deeply ... the smell of wet earth and flowers can't compare to anything else....... especially when the world outside the doors is a frozen white waste land.

30 minutes later we piled back into the car and headed home........... hope is renewed that spring will come again this year.................... even if - when we got home - we had to park on the street and shovel out the top of the driveway thanks to the city plow.......... le sigh.

Here are some pictures of what is (honestly truly) coming........... 

They tell me only 38 days till spring - I can do that - I think I can do that - I think I can I think can I think can...........




abby said...

Thanks for the pics...i am visiting the has been snowing since i arrived..snow banks so high....well you get the idea...
UGH..i am with you,,,,ENOUGH
hugs abby

Downunder Don said...

I am hunting for who stole Summer....The pixies that have you still shoveling snow have taken away our summer and replaced it with a cool, dry horror with no green, just the brown of dead plants through this unseasonable cool weather. At least you have the promise of things to come.

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