Saturday, February 21, 2015

Marking Time

I think I am "marking time" waiting for spring to arrive.  Each day I check the weather forecast only to see more cold or more snow coming in.......... and I huddle in the house pulling the 4 walls tightly around me and tap my toe impatiently.

That is not to say I haven't been out of the house... I am still going to the gym 3x a week. Yesterday was a "bitch" to drag myself out..... it was -32 with the wind chill...... the car doesn't even get warm - no matter how long I leave it running before heading outside.........

BUT I have received my new photo assignment "playing with light".  It's due in 2 weeks - lots of time to figure out how I am going to "play with light".  I did do some research and discovered I could drill a small hole in the base of a light bulb - screw the bulb in - and take pictures of the filament exploding.  But I don't know - they advise having a fire extinguisher on hand - so that may not be something I want to experiment with......... I do have a couple of ideas though - that don't involve the possibility of setting the house on fire.  

Sir is away next week - in Montreal - helping out a "sick" friend..... that might be a good time to experiment with this latest assignment. 

And tomorrow we are going - with some friends - to see 50 Shades of Grey - that vilified movie - well vilified on Fetlife.  I read the books and found them to be a little too romance novel for my liking - but the "hot" parts were hot!  I wanna see if the film can do it better than my imagination.  Anyone wanna place bets??

Now - back to marking time.............

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Which reminds me of this song:

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