Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Sunshine

The sun is just coming up over the horizon - I half wonder why I am waking so early - but half of me knows why.  I am excited.  

The school year is almost over - only a day and half left with the kiddies - then a handful of days next week to finish off the paper work - pack up my office and I am done. 

I have had some tearful "lasts" this week......... especially Graduation on Tuesday night.  To see all my little women and men come in - transformed from the ruffians they are day to day - all looking a bit like Cinderellas - has always stunned me - this year more so. 

Yesterday I had my final party with my kids - our annual Sundae School party and farewell gifts from me to them.  (One day perhaps the significance of the little gift will mean something to them)

Last night W and I worked some more on this bloody agreement that we seem to have to have to start our new life together.  (It's sort of / kind of like a prenup agreement)  and I am feeling better about it.  The sooner it is done - on paper - signed and sealed and all legal - then ........... THEN....... I will be able to go back to the "happy ever after" feelings.

The sun is shining - the work is finishing - all's right with the world

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