Friday, June 28, 2013

Suits My Mood

Yup its pouring rain  - AGAIN - and it totally suits my mood.  

Once upon a time someone said "the best place for family is framed hanging on a wall" and I am thinking maybe they were right,

Just a little back history............... 
A year ago when I told my girls I was moving to Kingston with W.......youngest daughter threw a major hissy fit and screamed at me for over an hour.  It hurt me to the core - tore my heart out - BUT it didn't change my mind.  I knew things would work out - her fears that I would never come back to visit - to see her or my grandchildren were unfounded.  (But it hurt that she thought I would do such a thing!!)

Then for the past month of living with eldest daughter - both of the girls have 
(I  thought) been trying to figure out when exactly I was leaving for Kingston - cause (stupid me) I thought they wanted to have some family dinner thing to say goodbye. I even thought of sending them emails saying "I hate goodbyes and am not seriously going anywhere."   But I didn't.  and boy am I glad.

It turns out baby daughter is planning a family reunion for her father's side for tomorrow night and I guess they wanted to make sure I would be gone.

What pisses me off royally - is that neither daughter thought I should know this!!  Here I have been trying to help them both deal with my moving... taking eldest daughter out to dinner tonite and bringing breakfast into your baby daughter tomorrow morning on my way out of town and quite obviously my leaving isn't a big deal anymore.

I don't know - maybe I am being a crazy old lady here.......... probably am......... but I can't help but wonder why they couldn't tell me about this family reunion.  I wouldn't have gone - EVEN if I was still living here - not what I do... not what I have ever done.

Oh hell I am just pissy - my mood fits the dark wet weather outside the windows... I will take eldest daughter out to dinner tonite and I will bring breakfast to the other daughter tomorrow - and then I will put the pedal to the metal and go to Kingston - to W who loves me unconditionally - and settle in where I am wanted.

(getting down off my soap box and putting it away) 



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