Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Getting Emotional

Here I have been thinking this ending my career - this year of "lasts" was gonna be a snap!!  I have been virtually galloping towards the end of the year - towards my retirement gleefully.


I have hit a couple of lasts that have brought tears to my eyes.

The first was last Friday  - our Kindergarten registration day.  I LOVE Kindergarten registration day.  I do my song and dance routine - wow the parents - cuddle the kids - and dream of September when I get to know them all better.  

Except - this last registration - as I finished off my song and dance - I realized (or maybe I should say it hit me upside the head) that I wouldn't get to know the parents better - wouldn't get to play with the kiddies - this was IT!  the end!! and the tears burned the back of my eyes)

And then the girls from work took me out for lunch (before my train) and I was thinking "I can do this" last lunch with the girls.... easy peasy. 

Except when they gave me my gift.  A lot of thought went into my gift.  They reaized I don't need more "stuff" - hell I am whittling down my "stuff" to meld with W's stuff.  So they presented me with a spa bathrobe........ a beautiful thick long white spa robe.  But it was more.......... a private joke between them and me............ Ya see this year when things don't go well - or someone asks me about next year - I have started using the phrase "Bite me" ......... when I opened up the robe - to the yells and cat calls from the girls to "put it on .. put it on" (funny I always thought it was "take it off - take it off") but I digress.... I opened up the robe and embroidered across the chest were these words: 

  It was PERFECT!!

The tears burned the back of my eyes again........... and I could say (in my thank you/goodbye speech)  that I honestly couldn't think of a better way to end my career but with this wonderful team of women.  

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Sue said...

Of course it is getting emotional! You have invested a huge part of your life in this work. However glad you might be to have this part done, there are going to be places that tug at your heart. How good it is that you are not walking away with a "thank goodness that is done, and I do not ever want to think about any of it ever again!" feeling.


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