Friday, January 27, 2012


End of last week - as I pulled into the parking lot at school - I saw - perched on the fence proudly - a robin.  Robins are always the first sign of spring around here in the Great White North.  BUT it's still January!!!  

When I repeated the story to some of my staff - one of them reported that her 'doves' were back under her bedroom window - cooing to her. 

Last night I snuggled in waiting for this HUGE winter storm they were predicting (and yeah praying we'd have a snow day today) But the storm never came - in fact they are saying now that it will warm up today and probably rain.

This has to be the weirdest January ever !!  Weirdest winter ever !!

Makes ya wonder if the world is coming to an end ......ya know??


BlazngScarlet said...

I have never seen a winter like this!
Yesterday it snowed, today it's pouring rain.

sunnygirl said...

At least an end as we know it.

sarah thorne said...

It IS! Mother nature is so bo=i-polar! We've had two tornadoes this month - and that's unheard of!! They usually start in late March-April! This is when we are supposed to get SNOW!!

Crazy ass mother nature. She musta tied up Jack Frost. there's a kinky thought! >:)


Ordalie said...

Same here in the south of France: no rain to speak of since the few summer storms. Practically no cold, and some bushes in full bloom.

Anonymous said...

Here is Australia we are in the middle of Summer. Normally around 40c - well all it has done is rain, and been cool. Got to 30 a few days but thats it. Rain, rain and more rain! Our last winter was warm and no rain. Blah..


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