Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Saturday - during one of the play sessions - W gave me a mind blowing orgasm.  Ok ok so most of my orgasms are mind blowing - I think because I have reached the point in my life where every orgasm is a blessing - ya know the ability to have orgasms could dry up and blow away - I am of that age................. 

But every time I tell W it is broken - or not working he proves to me it is all in my head... 

He pushes my legs apart ..... enters me.. finds that spot... rubs it and rubs it harder and harder... and just like that my body is twitching and squirting and I am having a mind blowing orgasm.

I like orgasms.. 

I like them even more than pain..........(though pain is great foreplay for me!!)

I would like orgasms every single day............... with W. 

And I wonder why it is .. when I look for pictures of "orgasm" I find all these pictures of women glowing........ looking absolutely perfect... make up not smudged - hardly a hair out of place.  When I have an orgasm I look like shit (in my humble opinion) .. my face gets all blotchy - hell my body is all blotchy.  If I have make up on - it is gonna be smudged guaranteed !!  My hair is usually all over the place.  And my eyes are red rimmed and watery and vacant.  

BUT honestly I don't give a crap how I look - it's how I feel that counts........... and oh my god I feel wonderful !!!  

Endorphins and dopamine and adrenaline all mixed together in a cocktail that makes me feel loved and contented and squishy.

Yeah I love orgasms.

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sarah thorne said...

OMG, my hair is usually all knotted up and tangled after the Big O. I call it 'sex head'. :)


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