Monday, January 02, 2012

An Observation

So....... yesterday was our Kinky Open house.... Only thing is.. it really wasn't.  I couldn't say anything here before this... cause W reads here regularly - BUT - the Kinky Open House was really a surprise birthday party for W...

I'll share more with you on that subject later.... 

For now .. I have this idea floating 'round and 'round in my snuffed up drugged brain (yeah yeah I still have the bug and plan to spend this last week of holidays taking care of it) 


During the party - things turned "kinky" ......... Two Dommes paired up to tie W up in some fun bondage... and then a male guest announced it was his turn .. and so the Dommes turned to him ... and hog tied him and beat his ass and...ummmm..other parts.

Now this obersvation I have is........... when the male guest got naked -  most of the men in the room and a good number of the females ....moved to the hallway - and kitchen.,  The ones left in the living room found spots on the ceiling or the floor that were fascinating... 

I couldn't help but wonder if it had been a naked female how many of these guests would have vacated the room.  Honestly I didn't have much interest in watching this naked male flail around on the floor like a fish out of water either.... 

BUT why is it that a female would probably have brought cheers and enthusiasm and the male brought distance????

Weird isn't it??


lunaKM said...

That's an observation I've seen too! I can't figure out why that would be the case except that males tend to have a more obvious appearance when turned on and females don't so perhaps it is more that people are uncomfortable seeing that?

Guys, well, I can understand. They might jeopardize their masculinity if they look at another guy! LOL.

I'll have to watch this more and perhaps ask those that vacate the area.

Very interesting.

sarah thorne said...

This is something that I have seen discussed in different forums. I've also seen it happen at parties. People vacate the room when a male is exposed, whereas with a female exposed they all gather around.

Seems to me it goes back to the whole visual thing in males vs women. When a woman or man is exposed, most likely you won't find a lot of females exceedingly interested in staring at the scene in any case. Men will with a woman because - well, they're so visually oriented.

But most heterosexual men have absolutely no interest in watching another male exposed.

That's what it seems to me.


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