Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a little pessimistic

ok so last weekend was devoted to all things vanilla............ i was sulky and cranky cause as much as vanilla is a large part of everyone's life - i do need some kink thrown in for good measure.......... NEED!!! i say...really truly need.

Add to my miserable state last weekend the fact that this weekend isn't looking any kinkier and it down right sent me off on a cranky tangent.

Add to  that miserable state the fact that my toilet upstairs in the main bathroom sprang a leak when I was cleaning it last weekend and scared the hell out of me........... I was so sure the whole thing was just gonna let go and spill millions of gallons of water out onto the bathroom floor to leak through to the main level ....... and ..... with my luck ........ right down to the basement.  The same stupid toilet that does NOT have a shut off valve.

On Sunday I asked Sir S who is known for his handy dandy renovating skills if there was any way he could come and put in a new toilet.  He brightened up my day by telling me I most probably didn't need a whole new toilet (unless I wanted one) that it sounded to him like one of the ...ummm I can't remember what he called it .. but I will call it a WASHER......... had dried up and the leak was from that........... and that he was free on Sunday and would come and fix it..... and install a shut off valve to the toilet.  

Sounds good right?? 

Until I realized that Saturday I will be up to my eye teeth in family and family birthday parties.... and Sunday up to my eye teeth in toilets ........... and I realize that there will be absolutely no room for any tiny bit of kink for yet another weekend........... 

My gaze has turned to the next weekend - all the way to the 4th of February (which seems a very long way away - seeing as I have to turn the page on the calendar to even get a glimpse of it) when there is a play party scheduled.   I'm in such a 'good' mood (tongue firmly planted in cheek) that I figure either W or I will get sick for the 4th.... or there will be a massive snow storm which will shut down all the roads and bridges... or something equally bad will happen............. 

Some days I am such a pessimist.

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Anonymous said...

No, No, No!!! Shut those thoughts off and think POSITIVE!! Remember self fulfilling prophecy from psychology classes... You will stay well, W will stay well, the weather will be beautiful and the toilet fixed. The party will be great and you will have lots to tell us Feb. 5. Keep thinking that! I firmly believe we can somewhat control our destiny by sending positive thoughts out to the universe. Negative thoughts beget negative happenings. Okay so much for the sermon. Will be waiting for your blog Feb 5,all about the fabulous party Feb 4. REMAIN POSITIVE! sighing....

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