Monday, January 09, 2012

It's all about patience

Monday is my usual Monday Morning report - and today is no different.  Only not much of interest happened this weekend.  

I stayed in my pjs.. took my meds.. prayed for a miracle cure ... stressed over my budget (which we already talked about) ... and ............ 

In two weeks we (the kids at school and I ) are going to our next country.  We are going to the Orient  (yeah I know that's a big surprise)

So on Saturday afternoon I decided to do some work on our next country... mostly in my head...but I did start work on the decorations that will adorn our room...... 

If I learned nothing else this weekend I learned patience .... here's what I did..........

an origami crane

origami fish

origami sailboat

origami butterfly
(ok this one needs work)

 origami penguin

origami box

and all the ones that didn't work out...


Anonymous said...

You are a multi talented lady! Those are not the easiest things to master. Have you come across the little frog that jumps? My class loved that best.

BlazngScarlet said...

I have no patience to master origami!
What should be relaxing becomes frustrating for me.
Fabulous job! =)

Vanille said...

Fabulous work on the origami! Very nice job! I've always wanted to pick it up one day. Must get my arse in the craft store. Maybe they got a kit.

Katheros said...

I love the penguin!!! All I can make is the crane; I learned it in 5th grade and somehow it managed to stick.

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