Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buyer Beware

Ok so I am not entirely a stupid person....... I certainly have managed to live this long without committing any gross stupidity (in my opinion anyway)

I have heard all the warnings - even listened to and absorbed and lived by - all the warnings about shopping on line.  I have - honest I have !!!


for when I didn't.

Like on December 3rd.......... I was playing some stupid mind numbing game on Facebook - when I noticed an ad on the sidebar that was really quite face cream.  A miracle worker on dry skin...... Arganliquid gold.  Even the name sounds good - don't you agree???!!!

AND my skin is dry - so very dry that it scales off regularly - like a snake's skin (let's all say ewwwwwwwwwwwwww now) 

So with one half of my brain on the stupid game on Facebook - and the other half of my brain reading the hype about this oil......... I ordered the 'free' sample.  I had 15 days to try it out....... and cancel ........... With this half brain working I gave them my credit card number....... and then went back to playing my game.

The very next morning there was a charge against my card for $4.16 Canadian for shipping and handling.  I sat back to await this miracle oil that was going to cure my dry skin.

Two weeks later with no sign of this free sample of Arganliquid gold - my credit card was charged again - this time for $89.36 !!!!!!!!!!!!! for Arganliquid gold.

I sent off a nasty email telling them to cancel my order... IMMEDIATELY!!  I had not received this oil and now they were billing me AGAIN????

But - hey - this oil finally arrived right after I sent off the email.  So I tried it.  What the hell right?? I had it .. It was supposed to work miracles - so I tried it.  

I can honestly say it was.................oily.
I used it day and night for 3 days and it was still............. oily.  My skin seemed less dry - but then the thought went through my head baby oil would achieve the same effect.

On the 4th day the pump action thingy broke and I had to figure out how to get this precious oil out of a bottle with no screw top.  I broke a pair of scissors trying to pry off the lid.  

I kept using the oil - well I had paid for it right?? and maybe it was gonna work..... (I had noticed if I didn't use it twice a day - the skin was still very dry and scaly) 

On December 19th I noticed yet another charge on my credit card for yet another bottle of this oil.  I was still working on the sample bottle....... I had cancelled the order..... WTF??!!

Last week ArganLiquid gold called me.  They told me I could NOT cancel by writing to them I had to phone them.  WTF??!!

So I called them yesterday.  I spent 20 minutes (at least) on the phone with them trying to get them to cancel.  They tried to tell me all the uses for this oil.. they tried to give me a discount (3 times!!)  They tried everything to keep me.  I kept saying ....... over and over and over - cancel it... NOW.  I landed up yelling at them.  I NEVER yell at anyone 

They said they had cancelled.  I asked for a cancellation number.  They said they would email it to me.

I hung up and called my credit card company.  They told me that unlike a cheque they can't just put a stop payment on something.  WTF???!!!

They told me IF I sent them my cancellation email they would get my money back.  IF I got the cancellation confirmation email - they would make sure no more charges were put on my card. 

They said ..... IF..... I didn't have the email or didn't get the confirmation I would have to cancel the credit card.  WTF??!!

So I found the email (thank god I didn't delete it - I tend to empty my email every month or so) and now am awaiting the confirmation email (yeah right !!)

I probably will be cancelling my credit card - my one and true credit card.

I am trying to see this as a "lesson learned"......... but god I am cross with myself........ stupid stupid me !!  

All that to say - if YOU see an ad for ArganLiquid gold - do NOT get suckered in.  (like you would - you are probably a whole lot smarter than me!!)



felinity said...

Might sound strange but if you want oil, use olive oil! I started using it (spiked with tea tree oil and cinnamon - antibacterial/good smelling) as a moisturizer and got spoileddddddddd! Even turned Love on to it - to the point he made the 8-10 ounces I sent him 'home' with from Thanksgiving before last til just before THIS Christmas.

Buffalo said...

A disconcerting thing to happen, but don't beat yourself up about it. Could happen to almost anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I gave up playing games on facebook because of the ads etc and to be honest it was taking way more time than I wanted to spend.
I was ADDICTED to Farmville, Cityville and Frontierville!!!

Sorry you had such a bad experience, but thanks for sharing your lesson.

Spankedhortic II said...

And I thought that I had gotten burnt.

Skin moisturizers are important to me, with my outdoorsy lifestyle, especially during the winter. I use 100% Coconut oil, it's cheap, it works (especially against skin cracking), it does not leave any oily feeling on the skin and it does not smell too girly (OK girly smelling might not be a big deal to you but it is to me). On the downside you have to use it a lot (I find about 4 or 5 times a day in normal winter weather) as the effect and protection seems to wear off after about 3 hours. It does save me a lot of problems on my hands and face with cracking and flaking.


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