Saturday, January 21, 2012


1.  do all the income tax receipts for my PreK   - done
2.  sort out all the old files and papers for the Prek - done
3.  clean the office - done
4.  mop all the floors - wash the floors - dust the house - vacuum the house - done
5. clean the bathrooms - done
6. do the laundry
7.  give myself a much needed manicure
8.  attend a munch on Sunday night

See any room for play or fun??? 

Me either 


Anonymous said...

Whew! 3-7 the same here! But now its time for a cuppa java. Reading made me a bit tired. Smiling at Morningstar's ambition. Enjoy your munch.

BlazngScarlet said...

You're far more ambitious than I!
My plans are:
Stay warm!


Enjoy the munch, and I hope you find a moment or two for some "play".
You know, all work and no play makes Morningstar _______
*cheeky grin*

morningstar said...

won't be any play this weekend. W is not coming over - except to pick me up to go to the munch.

Such is life

sarah thorne said...

Looks similar to my To-Do list!!


morningstar said...

Note to "Jack"

sorry i don't want or need any information on blowjobs.

NOR do i ever ask for guest bloggers on The Journy.

Nor do i advertise other blogs - other than than offering up the blogs i do read regularly.

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