Friday, October 14, 2011


Have you ever tried to define the word "love"??? 

I have had reason these past few weeks to think about love - for many different reasons.  And today I wondered what the hell "love" really is.  

I love my job
I love my children
I love lamb chops
I love everything Oriental
I love Bryan Adams (his music I mean)
I love writing
I love miss ashes
I love W
I love junk food

Are all those "loves" the same "love"???

When in need I always hit "google" and usually find an answer.  So I hit "google" and found pages and pages of definitions for fact I found one site that has 150 of the top definitions ............. "unconditional acceptance, patience and understanding, friendship, someone who can make you laugh on your worst day" .  ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY different definitions!!!!!!!!

I think "love" is just a strong emotion - and there really isn't any universal meaning for it.  

It is what it is.  No hearts and flowers, no background music and starry lights.  It is a four letter word ......... and you can define it any way you want/ need.


Buffalo said...

Love and hate are arguably the two most overused words in our vocabulary. So overused, in fact, that their meaning becomes diluted, diminished and almost devoid of meaningful impact.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that this happened because "love" is the most appropriate word for a certain situation. Take "I love lamb chops" as an example. That is quite possibly the easiest way to say "Lamb chops are something that is very special for me to eat".

I am not trying to say that the diluted meaning of the word is a good thing. Merely trying to explain why it happened.

I would love it if there was a way to express my attachment to lamb chops as convenient as "I love lamb chops" then perhaps the meaning of the word would eventually be restored.

keth said...

Sometimes I think the Ancient Greeks had it better: they had different words for all the different kinds of love. Maybe we should do the same thing. I know the Klingons do!

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