Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing at L'Oubliette

And to think I was worried about how the weekend would go!!!!  I really do need to stop fussing over 'stuff'.   (right W ??? cheeky grin)

It was a fall cool weekend - especially up north at L'Oubliette (the little dungeon) and when W pointed me in the direction of the play tent Saturday evening......... I was (to put it mildly) apprehensive.

I really do HATE playing in the cold - after all it is my cute lil bare ass hanging out there.. it is me who is shivering and turning blue.

BUT surprise surprise Bandit had put a glorious heater in the tent and it was actually warm and toasty inside.  I gathered up the yards and yards of material that make up my 'Story of O' dress and pushed them through the gape in the cross......stuck my nearly naked ass out ... leaned myself up against the wood.. took a deep breath and waited for it to start.

I heard myself telling myself to focus - find a focus point and settle on it - close out the noise and people - focus - focus.

W started with the whip.......... the whip!!!!  I held my breath ........ wicked warm up toy.. but honestly it was more caress than pain........ I was melting..... feeling the stripes forming across my ass...thinking once again that really it is ME and the pain... nothing between me and the pain.. up to me to deal with it.. fight it or ride it.... it isn't stopping - make a choice .. 

And then there was the floggers and the wooden paddle and what seemed like a multitude of toys and I was still fighting the pain - not riding it ......... needing to ride it... trying to find a toe hole to get myself up on top of it.......... 

Even a couple of orgasms from the pain and I was still grappling with the pain.... 

And then the gorean whip came out... I knew instantly - from the crack - and the thud as it impacted with my ass - that it was the gorean whip.  And I knew I had found my toe hold......... this is a toy that I love - I stuck my ass out further... moved back to greet each hit - like some sort of weird mating I was fucking it or being fucked by it.

And honestly I don't much remember anything else - till the end....... when I felt the knife making sharp X's on each ass cheek.

Then W was pressing his body against mine... one hand wrapped in my hair - pulling my body (from the waist up) backwards - the other hand grabbing a breast - a nipple - tugging on it - squeezing it - hurting it lovingly .  And then my body was resting against W's body and both his hands are squeezing and kneading my breasts and an unexplainable small dart of an orgasm wracked my body - one last time.

And I felt like a bright pink warm fuzzie............

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Sir said...

Yes morningstar, you DO have to stop fussing!!


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