Friday, September 09, 2011


Honestly you could throw a dart at the above chart and just about any mood you hit will be one of my moods these past couple of days........ especially if you hit the first one!!

I am exhausted.  I have been waking up around 4 every morning....... then putting in a 7 - 9 hour day (depending on the day and the current emergency)

I have been shocked at my staff - which I shouldn't be cause hell I KNOW these women - but still I have been shocked - fighting over 5 minutes extra work - no no .. it isn't the work they want's the blessed dollars that go with that 5 minutes.  I finally asked them if they remembered WHY they did this job......... the children.. remember them??

I have been  overwhelmed by the piles and piles of paper on my desk - though as of last night the piles have been moved to the filing cabinet and are waiting for me to file them.. i have a handful of parents I am still chasing - but it is better than 200+ parents!!  And I am overwhelmed by the number of children I have this year - the school population went down by 40 and my program went up by 40...... go figure!!

I am angry at the city's total stupidity - they have decided to dig up all the streets surrounding the school - making car traffic and pedestrian traffic impossible.   AND yesterday the city decided to close down the school street to car traffic - god only knows why !!!  for 3 weeks - believe it or not.   Correct me if I am wrong - but didn't we just have 8 weeks of summer vacation???

I am lovestruck and frightened at the same time - worrying about W - he seems discouraged and unhappy and i so want to fix it....... and don't seem able to........ and still I keep trying to find solutions and he keeps telling me there is nothing I can I feel helpless (and that mood isn't even in the list!!) 

I am frustrated with my internet service - which is so on again off again it is enough to drive you crazy - though the ISP is working hard to try and fix it... only now they have put in a new modem - and set up the wireless - BUT I forgot to tell them the printer is wireless - so now I have no printer - and even when I plug the damn thing into the computer it won't print...........

I am happy - in fact maybe a little ecstatic - that the weekend is just a few hours away.... and W and I are supposed to be going to a play party...........and I am hopeful that this is what we both need........
Like I said at the beginning - throw a dart at the chart and you will pretty much hit a mood I am having / have had / or are pretty close to having............


Buffalo said...

Left in lieu of an incredibly clever and insightful comment.

BlazngScarlet said...

I feel very much the same way.

Happy Weekend!

swan said...

I think if you could take all of those feelings and smear them around like peanut butter on bread, you would have something like the way my world seems most of the time these days -- a blurry, mashed up mess of feelings and reactions that make no sense at all...

I hope you enjoy the weekend.


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