Wednesday, September 07, 2011


W and I received an invite from eldest daughter to a family barbeque on Sunday.  In past years I have always 'hosted' the family Labour Day barbeque - but for some reason this year I didn't have the inspiration to organise it.  Bless eldest daughter for stepping into the void.

The only down side to the day - was that W didn't come with me.  Unfortunately when I was sick last winter - there were some "family issues".  And - as with any family - words were said - feelings got hurt........ and now W refuses to attend any family gatherings.  It is something that makes me very sad............ but I honestly believe this issue is between W and the family and the best place for me is on the sidelines.  They need to work this out between them...... and I am hoping they can and will.

Anyway................... that being said........... 

I went off to the family barbeque happy to see my grandbabies again...... (yeah yeah and my daughters ) 

I wanted to hear from PigPen how the first few days of school went.. wanted to see if the baby would remember me ( I swear he has the shortest memory ever!!) and to take in how big and grownup the eldest grandson is.

Well PigPen pulled faces and hid every time the camera came out... BUT .. he told me he "loved" Mme L.  (his teacher) and he said it with that starry look Kindergarten children get when they talk about their first love....... we giggled together as we worked on how to draw a person..... how they HAD to have a tummy and not have their arms and legs sticking out of their heads (he doesn't add a body yet) ..

I personally think we are gonna have to change PigPen's nickname to "hippy" oh my god he IS such a hippy... from the big sloppy tshirts he HAS to wear - to his mix matched socks - to ......... I was gonna say long hair - but Mom cut the hair before school and now he looks like a little boy..... but in his heart I do believe he is one lil hippy!!

Baby grandson is going through the devilish stage.  Managed - like a junior Houdini - to wiggle out of his car seat on the drive over to eldest daugher's... wouldn't sit down to eat - but preferred to wander around the table watching everyone else eat.  Every time he went by his mom's chair she would try and shove a spoonful of food in ...... not always succeeding.  He has to have the cutest pouty face I have seen in a long time !!!  

AND his favourite word - considering he will be two in a couple of months - is NO.  NO he doesn't want to play ........ NO he doesn't like ice cream .... NO he doesn't want his toys...NO he doesn't want to read a book.......NO... well you get the idea!!!

And eldest grandson........ well - what can I say.  He is growing up way too fast!!  10 years old - grade 5 - and the maturity is showing.  He has a crush on a girl at school - a real crush ........ is now eating Mom and Dad out of house and home......... and has to be the best "big brother" I have ever seen !!!!

We all dined on barbequed chicken - fries and coleslaw and finished off with apple crumble.  An almost perfect ending to a perfect summer  

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BlazngScarlet said...

What GORGEOUS grandbabies!
Well ... not really babies.
They've gotten soooo BIG!

I think you're wise by staying on the sidelines.
I hope they can find some common ground.

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