Thursday, September 08, 2011

Expiration Date

I stole the title for today's blog from kaya - over on Under His HandShe was wondering if bloggers have a "shelf life".

She might have a point........ I know an awful lot of the blogs I used to read have said their "good-byes" or just "gone poof" in the night - never to be seen again.

I know I have been writing this blog for almost 6 1/2 years........... 1735 posts....... and that doesn't include the fictional blog that was up for a while - or the Yes Miss blog that was up for awhile..... 1735 posts on The Journey.  Hell 6 1/2 years and 1735 chapters would make one helluva big book..........

There have been times when I wondered what the hell I was doing here...... who was listening/reading and who the hell I thought I was to be writing ......... but those moments passed....... and I just kept typing away......... 

I have to wonder if it is something of an ego boost ........ to write and be read........ it probably is to a certain point.  To collect comments and followers like kids collecting trading cards.

I know I am always honest - brutally honest sometimes - and some people who read here see themselves in my writing and get a wee bit (ok ok - most times - a whole LOT ) bent out of shape.  (shrug) I tend to say "if the shoe fits"........ 

I always write what is in my heart.......I am nothing if not opinionated.  

I know sometimes I am a little protective of this little blog......... getting a wee bit indignant when some "newbie" stumbles across it and leaves "anonymous" comments...... and I wonder who the hell they think they are??!!!  

But then I remember this isn't my private domain - it is public - and therefore I will have strangers popping in once and a while - and some of my "blogger friends" were once strangers in the night too :)

I remember when I was a newbie submissive - and how I wished there was someone "real" to talk to .... someone who could explain things to me - in my language - (bouncy ball subbie language) ........ there have been times when it was tough going when I wished there were some sort of road map to this journey........... shrug.. 

Now I think ....... as long as I get up every day ....... as long as there are words in my head.. there will be words here on The Journey.......... and who knows......maybe every once in a long while some 'stranger' will trip over The Journey - sit for a while and read - and know (if nothing else) that someone else has been down a similar road and they will continue their journey knowing they aren't alone.

But first and foremost - this is my place to voice the words that rattle around in my head...... my place to talk and sort and ramble and laugh and cry ......and it won't always be about BDSM or getting my ass whooped or even about sex.... it will be about my life....... in all it's glory... all sizes and shapes of it... because The Journey is about me - and my whole is more than a few parts....

So I will keep writing until there are no more words ......... 

(and we all know that ain't ever gonna happen !!)


viemoira said...

I am definitely one that stumbled across this looking for more real reads to help me educate myself into BDSM.
Glad I did.

Buffalo said...

The sun would sooner rise in the west as you run out of words.

BlazngScarlet said...

I agree with Buffalo.

But I like it that way! =)

swan said...

Well, between us, you and I have left quite the trail of words.
And, likely, before we're done, we'll trail a few more. I think my own blogging ebbs and flows with all of the various ups and downs of my days. That is simply what is. But, like you, the outlet for the words is an important part of my life, and so I keep on muttering away to anyone who might be willing to listen.


Imperial said...

It's interesting how many blogs seem to have the "should I keep blogging" theme going on at once.

It's just the 7 year itch, I tell you!

Love reading your site!

Ordalie said...

Just keep going, for your pleasure and ours!

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