Friday, May 13, 2011

Yard Crashers - my way

It was almost a year ago that baby daughter and hubbie bought their first home.  It is a cute lil place - but most definitely a "fixer upper".  (or - as some may call it  -"the money pit")

Regardless of the problems, they are very proud of their home........... baby daughter has done an amazing job putting in new floors - painting and decorating.

There was however one job that seemed to be bigger than her.

And truthfully I understand......... between a full time job (from 2:00pm to 10:00pm) and 3 active boys - there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day - or money in the bank - to tackle the yard work.

The front yard to me is important.  It is the first thing guests/neighbours see.  It is the first impression of your home.  A couple of weeks ago when I was out visiting them all..... I mentioned the dirt pile with flowering weeds in the front yard.  I could tell by baby daughter's voice that she was overwhelmed.  So I asked if she would like me to come out and help clean it up and get a flower bed in.  She was thrilled and promised to get it weeded.

On Mother's day when we were out there she had indeed managed to get some weeding done.  But what was left was maybe even more depressing than the flowering weeds......

On Tuesday this week, I took eldest daughter to the market to buy some plants for her garden.  While we were there..... I took a look at some bushes and perennials for this garden project.  I figured there was never gonna be a better time so I picked up some bushes (that will grow in and hide that nasty looking foundation) and some perennials (so she doesn't have to keep buying flowers every year).

 I had been waffling between doing the garden and surprising them - or waiting to do it with the family.  Eldest daughter and I figured (forget surprises) we would run out this Saturday and get cracking on the garden.  Mother Nature intervened.  Today was to be the last day of sunshine for about 5 days.  So today was the day - and surprise it was to be.

We arrived out on the island about 10:30 and set to right away unloading the bushes and plants from the car and started moving what bulbs we knew were bulbs and then digging the holes for the bushes.    By 11:30 am I was feeling a tad light headed and exhausted.  The weather man had screwed up again.  What was supposed to be a cloudy cool day - was bright and sunny and probably the hottest day this spring!!!

My pace slowed right down.  I drank gallons of water and pushed ahead.  I was determined to get the garden in.

By 12:30 (only mad dogs and English men go out in the noon day sun) we were just about done......... the only thing left to do was clean up the pots - give the bed a final watering - and put in the garden flag.

I almost wish I could be a fly on the wall when baby daughter and hubbie get home from work tonite!!!  I sure hope they like surprises !!!


saffy said...

oo that is wonderful
i will bet your daughter and her hubby are well pleased

Anonymous said...

What a lovely mother you are.

butterfly said...



viemoira said...

Looks awesome- I bet it was nice quality time! I will be making up my FNF post shortly from yesterday and will link you- thanks for playing!! :)

swan said...

What a sweet little garden bed! It should bring pleasure to all who see it for years to come -- and so you will have given a gift to more folks than you even imagined in the act of planting :-)

Hugs, swan

Anonymous said...

Did they like it?

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