Monday, May 02, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things............

This weekend was absolutely filled with a few of my favourite things........... 

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous - the sun was shining .. the temperature was rising.... AND W and I had an art show to attend 2 hours north in my favourite mountains......It was a perfect day for a slow drive through the back roads.  (I love getting off the main highways and taking 2 lane highways through the countryside.  One is much more likely to stumble across bits of history and hidden natural beauty........... and Saturday was a perfect day for exploring!!)

I had quite a shock to discover that up north they still had some major patches of snow!!  W reminded me that last week when we had all the rain - the mountains had been hit with 15 cm of snow.  

We arrived safe and sound at the art studio and much to my surprise Circe (the artist) actually painted pictures I enjoyed.......... more than enjoyed......... loved.  She had a couple of paintings I would have gladly brought home......... IF I had had a few thousand dollars hanging around unspoken for.  Anyway despite my empty wallet Circe sent us both home with a photograph each of our favourite paintings.  It was seriously hard to pick just one!!  But this is the one I selected.

After we had finished up at the art studio...... we set off down the back roads into the nearest town to find some lunch ...... and an old church built in 1821 caught my interest - history - god I love history.  

.... and then off again down back roads - honestly to find cheap gas we had been told about......... but as it happens - when one travels on the back roads - we stumbled across the most beautiful "chutes" or rapids in English.  W turned the car around to go back and see if we could get some good photos.  As luck would have it - the park was closed for the season - yet the gates were open.  So no parking fee.. no entrance fee.... and a beautiful sunny afternoon to trek along the forest pathways until we came across a clearing and there it was.............. Mother Nature's painting............... 

 It absolutely took my breath away.

Then finally back on the road for a slow picturesque drive home.  In the evening we took a walk down to the main street of W's town for dinner.  (thank god we walked - cause I really needed to walk AFTER dinner - work off all those extra calories!!)

Sunday morning found me bent over the chair in W's living room while he tested out his whip skills.  (cheeky grin) Originally we had signed up for a whip workshop on Sunday - but then the invitation for the birthday brunch came in............ and we opted for the brunch.  Whip workshops happen once a month - birthday brunches with like minded friends  - once a year.

All in all - it was the BEST weekend in a long time filled with "a few of my favourite things !!!!!!!


abby said...

What a great post....and terrific pics! Wishing more great weekends!

saffy said...

thank you for sharing your pictures they are beautiful.It certainly sounds as if a good time was had .
hugs and light

swan said...

Wonderful! All of it! Thanks for sharing...

hugs, swan

viemoira said...

What beautiful pictures- looks veru serene and relaxing!

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