Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's a Mystery

About a month ago I guess it some email for "deals" ... I found a website that was calling for "mystery shoppers".  I read the blurb........ and applied.  Basically it works like this............. they post shopping jobs .. I put my name in to get it... and if I am chosen I go shopping - on their dime - fill in a report and get paid for it.  Sounded kinda fun.. 

Well I have been applying and applying........ it is a bit like temp work I think.  I did temp work way back when.......... when I was newly married and we needed money for a house.  (You don't make great money teaching)

It took a while before anyone hired me - even temporarily - but once I got hired by a company or two and they saw my work skills I didn't want for work.  

So I am guessing this mystery shopping thing is like that........ the companies have to get to know me.. get to know my writing skills.. get to know how observant I am.. get to know a whole mess of things about me.

Yesterday was my first shopping job.  Only it wasn't shopping it was eating.  I got to take a guest to a Holiday Inn restaurant and have lunch on them.  Needless to say I took W with me - mainly cause I wanted to but also the restaurant was over on his side of the world and I didn't know how to get there... (cheeky grin)

So we went - and had a really fun time.  It was a buffet yesterday - and oh my god I have never EVER eaten so much........ even if I only took small tastes of the food rather than a serving of each dish.  Who knew a bit of this .. and a bit of that could land up being SO damn filling!!!

Once lunch was done W took me back to his place to pick up my car and home I came to fill in the forms.  

Honest to god it took me over an hour of steady of typing to fill in all their forms - in minute detail !!

By the time I was done...... I was D.O.N.E. .......... I haven't had to type for so long in forever!!  My neck and shoulders ached.

This morning I am seriously rethinking this mystery shopping thing.  First off I don't hide well or lie well (and most of the shops require you to lie) Secondly for $10 - $20 it is a helluva lot of work - the typing that is.......... and in a way a waste of time..... I virtually spent (including getting gussied up to do this shop) 6 1/2 hours............ for $10 and lunch.

I am seriously rethinking this mystery shopping thing.............. 

Though I will admit - it was fun to have lunch with W in a fancy (versus fast food) restaurant in the middle of the week!!!



If nothing else, you have prove the old saying "There is no such thing as a free lunch" (or something like that).


Shannon said...
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viemoira said...

Again- deleted comment is me lol...

I am alsways frustrated by how underpaid teachers and school faculty are. They should be among the top paying jobs if you ask me.

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