Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday's post brought an email from a friend teasing me about the "what to wear ... what to wear?" lament.  

And I guess ........ considering how the world is supposed to come to an abrupt end today... stop spinning on its axis and just POOF disappear...... I could have other more serious things on my mind (like praying for forgiveness??)

But I am not............. considering things more serious - OR - praying for anything........

I am organizing my clothes - fet wear and regular - to take to W's today.

But my friend was right - to a certain degree.  Why worry about what I wear to a play party?  Certainly W doesn't much care - he tends to adopt the attitude - wear what you want as long as I get access to the ass (and on occasion the tits) 


So why I am fussing?  Especially since fet wear is not exactly my fetish....... don't much like leather - especially the smell!!  don't much like high heels (they make my feet hurt in a matter of minutes !!) don't much like black........ so why am I fussing??

Because in the old days (yeah yeah I know I am sounding like your grandmother!!!)  What you wore to an event  got you in or didn't.  Back in the day I would really bitch - cause the men could get in if they simply wore all black.  Women were expected to be dressed to the nines - in fet wear - from leather to lingerie to corsets....... expensive uncomfortable (for the most part) fet wear........... and I think - back in the days - one could tell just by looking who was the Dominant and who was the sub.  A good example is the slave ring I wear........ back in the day only a sub/slave would wear it..... now it doesn't seem to matter.  And I remember when I was first learning about this lifestyle - I was told "you see a body pierced - be it nipples or clit or penis - that person is a sub.  No Dominant would ever pierce his/her body".  

Well those days are gone.  It would seem Doms get pierced, even wear collars for god's sakes!!  It has gotten to the point you have to ask "Dom or sub??" when you meet someone new cause there are few if any outward signs. 

Which is probably why - from time to time - I have a sub approach me - because despite my obvious sub wear - they just don't know the difference !!!  Hell I have even had a Dominate kneel at my feet - oh my god !!!  that was the most uncomfortable time I have had in a long long time at a public event.   AND he was definitely dressed (in my opinion) the part of Dominant.  

Clothes used to "make the man (or woman)" But now in my humble opinion they just make it harder to separate the village idiots from the rest of the village............. 


Buffalo said...

Seems to be the easiest way to separate the herd would be by the way they conduct themselves. If a dom act like a sub, well.... It is kind of like telling the difference between a bull and a steer.

But what does an ol' vanila buffalo know? (Answer: Nothing at all

swan said...

Well, it is true that "back in the day" it was easier to tell who was who based on the clothes and other trappings. However, it was also true that there was a more or less understood shared custom of getting to know one another before assuming the nature of the relationship we might form... People used to introduce and be introduced. People used to talk. People used to watch and learn. Perhaps it is not the clothes so much as our common rush to leap into physical intimacies before we've established any grounds at all for intimacy...


Mr Upton Ogood said...

You mentioned "Village idiots" and, while not calling me out by name, I knew you were speaking to me...or at least had me in mind. ;-) the world ended...but I don't seem to have made the cut. I don't know if I should be disappointed at the implied or pleased at the second shot. What's your take?


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