Monday, May 09, 2011

Aching muscles

When the sun finally came out again last week - I took advantage of it by digging more gardens. 

In the past - after digging the gardens I am sore and a bit stiff - but this year - with my loose dangling muscles and flesh - I was in agony....... pure agony that all the hot baths and tylenol couldn't fix.  I kept telling myself - this was all good - as I want to tighten up the muscles and flesh........ yeah yeah it was all good 

I had made an off the collar - cheeky comment - in an email that W would find some way to massage out the kinks in the ole body........... (no pressure honest !!!!  I was just being a bit cheeky)

Anyway W took it to heart - and brought needles ........ needles!!!  In his expert - god like opinion the needling would help to loosen up the muscles.  (I had my doubts)

Anyway............ after the bondage episode with the poor chicken on Saturday....... W had me stretch on the hard floor on my stomach for a session in needling.  

I was worried sick........... everything has felt so different - so extreme - since I lost all the weight and I couldn't help but wonder if the needling would feel extreme and hurtful too.

I am here to report - it didn't feel the least bit extreme or terribly hurtful.  Oh there were a few that felt as though they were impaling me to the floor.... but for the most part it was relaxing and soothing.  (for my soul - not my muscles unfortunately)

W took some pictures of the after effects.  Actually I don't know if he has ever done after shots before.. I have gobs of pictures of my ass doing a good imitation of being a porcupine........ but afterwards?? Not so sure.  

I always say the damn needles feel like mosquito bites......... now I have the proof that the marks left do resemble mosquito bites - just without the swelling....................

And being as they feel like mosquito bites ........ they itch something awful!!!  W got a less than flattering picture of my scratching like mad - those itchy "mosquito bites"


Sir said...

For the record, yes I have taken pictures after a needle session but this time the nice little red dots of the entry and exit holes really showed up...

Sorry they didn't relax you all the way butt such is life..


drakor66 said...

now i have heard that ice helps do not know where i heard that i thiink, yes was it not from you!lol

viemoira said...

Interesting- I have done needles in a few places but not my butt I am curious!

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