Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday was such a good day........ I was on a high higher than high..... It was over.... I was alive... I was home.... 

It felt so good to be on my sofa....... drinking my juice.... drinking my coffee... taking my advil .... moving around the house.. using my toilet without having to worry about pulling/pushing the IV pole around with me... without having the cast of characters wandering in and out of my space talking to me making noise.... I was home.. It was quiet... It was over.

I felt so good that I busied myself around the house.. I talked on the phone to my kids..I checked in at work (via the phone) and called Human Resources to get put on short term sick leave.... I even took a shower and washed my hair.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot ....... but I guess it was a lot for only 36 hours out of surgery.

Today is not such a good day.  I am weepy.  I don't want to do anything.  I am weak.  My belly hurts,  My head hurts,  (mind you I only just took my first advil of the day)

Tomorrow I am sure will be a better day.  


BlazngScarlet said...


Thinking of you sweet lady ...

Hermione said...

Morningstar - I am so glad you are well and home. It's quite normal to be weepy on the third day post-op. I was too, and that's what the doctor told me. I woke up crying and kept it up all day. I was fine the following day.


Anonymous said...

When I had the same kind of surgery, ice packs really helped a lot!



Perhaps it is a bit of a drop, after the getting home high, of the day before. Whatever it is I hope that you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.


swan said...

Weep when you need to. You are recovering and that simply takes time.

Hugs, Sue

anna said...

It's ok to be weepy. It may be minor compared to what others may have endured. It may even be minor compared to other things YOU've endured, but it's still not minor to you right now... and rightfully so. Be good to yourself and allow others to be good to you too.

d.lallie said...

Weep all you need love. I went through that too after having my gallbladder out. Hugs.

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